Agents of Disinformation: Alex Jones, David Icke, Eric Dubay (videos and haiku)

I think they’re all puppets of disinformation. Eric Dubay might genuinely be misled but I think Jones and Icke have specific agendas that are designed to confuse, repulse and ridicule the truth.

Truth is like a well-prepared meal; careful effort goes into choosing healthy ingredients, preparing and cooking it properly then presenting it in a palatable way but assholes like Alex Jones place a pile of shit on top which completely destroys the meal, all the previous research is instantly tainted by his theatrics. The point of disinformation is to discredit all truth.

Before YouTube deleted most of the popular truther channels I noticed that those channels often used Illuminati symbols in their branding. Their channel logos often had pyramids, eye of Horus and the Freemasonic symbol, the compass and ruler. Why would they use those Masonic symbols when they were opposed to them? Q served the same purpose. Q made his followers seem like idiots, but they wouldn’t have followed him if he hadn’t shared accurate intel. I distrust Juan O Savin and even Michael Flynn. No one is fighting for us, but us.

I don’t believe in Lizard people, Bigfoot, Flat Earth but that doesn’t mean that NWO, secret societies or child trafficking is also a conspiracy.

Alex Jones: What a complete buffoon. I think he’s a CIA agent. He’s doing a great job of being the most obnoxious conspiracy fool to ever exist. When I tried to tell my friends about various theories, they all assumed that I watched Alex Jones. He’s a powerful tool against truthers. He allegedly broke into Bohemian Grove and taped a ritual. If he was there, it was with permission. This asshole has no sense of subtlety, he wouldn’t be able to sneak in anywhere, much less to a sex orgy.

The “fish people” is obviously a fake story but human DNA has been combined with monkey and pig DNA. The linked clips feature Jones crying, shouting and lying, why does anyone follow him?
I knew he was fake 
bare-chested crying, shouting
red-faced, pudgy man.

David Icke: He’s very popular and gives some truth along with stories of lizard people ruling our world. Who knows maybe he’s right, it would explain the psychopathy of elites but it’s a very difficult red pill to swallow. Some think the lizard people are demons, which are fallen angels or aliens or both. Until I see reptile skin like on the 80s show, “V”, I don’t trust David Icke, well even afterwards I wouldn’t trust him. Everyone famous or that has a significant platform is most probably part of this system. We are mundane peasants, cattle, useless eaters to them.

Lost me at lizard
He mixes lies with truth and
British credentials.

Eric Dubay: I think his videos about NASA and religion are worth watching but his Flat Earth theory doesn’t make sense. I researched him further and found out that he blames the Jewish people for the world’s problems. I think the elites might possibly be Jewish but that shouldn’t reflect on the entire culture. I too dislike the Jewish (and Christian/Western) tradition of circumcision but that barbaric ritual exists in many cultures. Whoever the puppeteers are whether Rothchild or Rockefeller, they’re individuals, not representatives of an entire ethnic group. Dubay is full of contradictions; he’s anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Freemason, anti-meat; he’s into spirituality and one-ness but he wants the races to live separately in their own country? Hmmm, he’s a white yogi who culturally appropriated Kundalini yoga and he lives in Thailand? Physician heal thyself.

Eric Dubay reminds me of a lot my ex, Spencer, both physically and mentally. My ex was bipolar.
Flat Earth doesn’t work
Gravity and curvature
Haven’t been debunked.

I’m not scientifically inclined but my common sense tells me that Flat Earth is wrong. For instance, Dubay doesn’t believe in gravity; he thinks that birds disprove it since they can fly, but birds and planes can temporarily defy gravity because of lift and thrust, the forces exerted on their aerodynamic wings allows them to glide. He also says the earth’s curvature isn’t visible but it wouldn’t be visible unless you had enough distance off planet to see it. As I mentioned before, I agree 100% with his NASA debunking, but he didn’t come up with those theories either. He disseminates previous theories, he’s a researcher, not an original thinker. There’s nothing wrong with that, I present information in a similar way but I think his followers credit him with the ideas as if he’s a genius.

“The lift that animal wings generate to fly is typically considered a vertical force that supports weight, while drag is considered a horizontal force that opposes thrust,” the team’s abstract explains.

By measuring both and in micro-slow motion, the scientists were able to draw an unexpected conclusion. The parrotlets used drag to help boost their takeoff, and they used lift to help them land safely.

Dubay is an ex-Christian that practices Kundalini yoga. He contradicts himself by condemning the Freemasons that created the “round earth deception” while simultaneously practicing their New Age occult beliefs. Dubay was admittedly influenced by Jones and Icke, that’s probably where he learned about the masons. Nazis were also a sect of freemasonry. I found disturbing anti-Jewish, pro-Hitler videos by him on Bitchute recently. He thinks the use of the swastika is a symbol of the center point of flat earth. He also wants Europe to be only for native Europeans, he even created a song about this.

I find both of these videos below very unnerving.

“as Joseph Goebbels said, ‘There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.” That day is here! Their END is HERE! We must unite together and finish what our GREAT forefathers fought and died for! We must carry on and finish their fight for the sake of us and our FUTURE, for the sake of the majestic, brilliant, strong, beautiful, and GREAT Aryan race!’”

(Eric Dubay quoted Joseph Goebbels)

The video about Freemasonry below is worth watching:

I don’t think he’s a disinformation agent like Alex Jones or David Icke but I think he has a huge blind spot (not to mention his racism). I think he believes in what the Freemasons and Illuminati believe, that human beings are living gods on earth. The big difference would be that Dubay doesn’t worship Lucifer, or maybe he does unknowingly. The third eye in meditation is the eye of Horus aka the all seeing eye. I used to meditate and it’s very powerful. I sense that his intentions are in the right place but I think he’s been programmed by the spiritual/yogic books he’s read. To a certain extent we’ve all been programmed with various ideologies.

Warning: the video below contains scenes of animal slaughter. Dubay seems unhinged and bipolar in this Animal rights rap, I prefer the calm narration of his documentaries. I’ve heard of some people going insane because of kundalini energy, he seems off-center, his energy seems very different from his earlier documentaries.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, I think these people are fulfilling a sabotage role so I’m outing them. Isn’t there a bible verse that says that the devil speaks in half-truths? I come from an ex-Christian perspective and this is what I perceive, wouldn’t it be devious to plunge the world into a second Dark Ages? A society based on superstition, rituals and public shaming while the technocrats slice genes and perfect AIs and hybrid human cloning, and the peasants believe in Flat Earth and worship Lucifer. I can imagine it clearly because it’s been predicted and fictionalized in stories endlessly. The Big Brother is the eye of Horus in 1984, Brave New World even has New World in the title. Allegedly the Satanists believe that Earth is Hell but I think Earth is probably more like a Purgatory, in between heaven and hell.


  1. I’ve always thought that Alex Jones and David Icke were nutcases.

    This is the first I’ve heard of Eric Dubay.

    But anyone who quotes Joseph Goebbels positively obviously has something wrong with them.

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  2. I know I grew up in a different society and my value system is rooted in my personal experiences. I’m a dinosaur fossil, still, I just don’t get how these people even have an audience at all. Is this the equivalent of adult Saturday morning cartoons where more and more bizarre activities are needed to keep the ratings up? When did we all decide that fiction is reality? Oh well, I’m over here in the sandstone awaiting discovery and misinterpretation.

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    1. The reason these people have an audience, a very large one, is because much of the information that they present is a actually true. The problem is they mix truth with fiction to make everything that they disclose seem false. The point of this post was to put the situation of disinformation, all of it is intentional not an innocent mistake. Eric Dubay might be the exception, I think he’s sincere but misguided. I’ve been researching these conspiracies for years and posting about it since last year. No one wants to believe that Pizzagate was real because they’re so programmed by the media. I’ve made it my mission to get this information out to whoever is wise enough to read and research it further themselves. I don’t profit at all from this blog. I spend my time and energy here because I believe it’s important even if most will ignore or laugh at my posts. It doesn’t matter, I can sleep with a clear conscience, knowing I’m doing the only thing I feel empowered to do, spread awareness. It’s not a joke, not a game, not Saturday morning cartoons.

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      1. I certainly appreciate your efforts and as difficult as it is for me to understand how so many overwhelming things have gotten so far off course, I still appreciate the in-depth effort you put into educating me by shining the light on what is going on. I choose to isolate myself from it all and live my life by my rules as much as possible. I’m not a rebel nor a follower, I simply live my life by my own design and that is good enough for me. But, like yourself, I see it and don’t deny it. I’m thankful I can use my senses and mind to take in any opinion or fact and decide for myself if it deserves room in my brain attic. Having someone to offer such in depth and well documented views is invaluable. Thank you, Judy.

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      2. I’m definitely not an expert on anything. Everything (except my poetry/memoir) on my blog is my opinion based on the research of others. Everyone has to decide what’s true and right for themselves. If I’m wrong about anything I post I admit and correct it but I no longer care if people ridicule these ideas, it makes me more determined when people put the conspiracy theory label on concepts that they know nothing about. I’m not a follower or a rebel, I’m not part of any group but the human race.

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      3. I do believe that every being serves a purpose even if it isn’t obvious. You are not resting in silence when you see wrong. We need that.

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  3. Some of these guys have good ideas and are credible to a point, aand are so on the button, and then they go and discredit themselves. It is very suspect. I thought David Icke had some good insights and predicted a lot of what is going on now, thirty years ago. He was discredited then, humilated, but then became cool in certain circles, started making money from books and seminars. Was he there for misinformation, or misinformed deliberately, or has he been shafted?
    I don’t know. I can’t find hind nor hair of him on social media since Covid. He always seemed genuine and passionate, but as you so eloquently say in your haiku, ‘Lost me at lizard.’

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    1. I wonder too if people like David Icke sold out, maybe they started out genuinely and as their popularity grew they joined the opposite side or were silenced. I agree he seemed sincere and helped get truth out. I think it’s a game to the elites to fool us.

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