Epic Red Pill: This is not a coincidence

Why do the elites constantly display signs? Only the very naive think these signs are random. The following images are just a small sample from the documentary. When you see the totality of images it’s very difficult to not wake up. The eye of Horus with the 666 sign over the eye doesn’t mean “ok”, it’s a sign of allegiance to the Luciferean masons.
The devil’s horns aren’t about rock music or the sign for “I love you”, even Helen Keller was also part of this cult! Once you start to see the symbolism you’ll find it everywhere in media, films.

The compass and square represent male and female in the sex act, the eye is their god, Lucifer is sometimes represented as a “G” where the eye is placed inside. The eye is also phallic, “a one eyed snake” this is their god, the god of lust and hedonism, rape, debauchery: Pan, Lucifer, Satan. The signs are from Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Destiny of America” and Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma”

This video is over 5 hrs long but worth the time spent. I’ve never seen all the information gathered together so completely and credibly. I don’t think you can watch this without waking up. I dare you to watch at least an 1 hrs worth. The information is relevant to the very end, watch it in parts if you need a break. I am deeply moved and disturbed by this revelation.

Aleister Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt” is permission for relative morality. Cannibalism, murder, rape are all allowed in relative morality. Every Masonic lodge has black/white (some are blue/white) checkered floors because they represent the duality of nature, in their philosophy, god and the devil are inseparable like the yin and yang symbol of Buddhism. The hidden hand and the lightning strike over the eye represent Lucifer.

Lucifer is seen as a liberator: sexual, hedonistic, creative, wild/natural vs Christ as judge: representing fixed morality, discipline, repentance of wrong actions/rules of behavior and the message of egoless forgiveness. I believe our world is dualistic but everything relies on choice. We are not simultaneously good and evil, we chose between them. Satanists believe Earth is hell but I think it’s probably more of a purgatory.

Now this image makes sense, here’s my post about Hunger Games Nazi propaganda https://seoulsister.blog/2020/11/03/the-hunger-games-propaganda-works-best-when-you-dont-notice-it/

In my opinion, “Namaste” doesn’t mean that you are God. Namaste (to me means) “the divine within me bows (acknowledges) the divine within you” which I interpret as, we are all connected to a divine source, God, but it doesn’t literally mean that we are God. Believing that you are God, all-powerful and above the law, is a Luciferean, ego-infused sense of self-importance. I think Narcissism and Satanism go hand-in-hand.

What a subtle belt buckle! The Hidden Hand is their way of showing allegiance, the hidden hand pulls the strings of society

If we are gods on earth, why are we so consistently: greedy, lustful, violent, helpless and generally stupid? Choosing God is choosing goodness, righteousness, honor, truth, courage, selflessness. The world doesn’t value those qualities but we’re not of this world, our home is with God.

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  1. I remember years ago buying a late 19th Century copy of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma in a used book store in Lincoln City, Oregon.

    It made for shocking reading to say the least.

    By far the most shocking statement in the book was “Lucifer is God while Adonai is also God. But Lucifer is the God of Light while Adonai is the God of Darkness.”

    Masonic theology sounds like the Force of Star Wars with Lucifer being the light side and God (Adonai is Hebrew for the Lord) being the dark side.

    All those photos of film, music and sports celebrities giving satanic occultic eye and hand signals leads one to believe that most celebrities really do sell their souls to the Devil to get ahead in their respective fields.

    I remember one quote from Manley P. Hall was, “In the Mason’s hands are the seething energies of Lucifer.”

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    1. Thank you for sharing the quotes. Of all the statues that were destroyed during the riots I’m glad Pike’s was defaced. it’s amazing how much of the imagery is embedded in society. The obelisk at the Vatican, Washington DC etc are there without any questions. In the Masonic books they mock the initiated as fools that can’t see what’s right in front of them in plain view.

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  2. I don’t know anything about signs. It all depends upon how one interprets.
    I agree to your statement that ‘Narcissism and Satanism go hand-in-hand.’
    To be true at times I wonder we were meant to be this way.

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  3. Honestly, I had no idea it was so endemic. But then, I turned my back on Celebrities, Sports Players, MSM, etc. An interesting book, The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth shows us how the secret societies all held to the ancient beliefs when polytheism was cool. They have stayed with us morphing far from their origins. Red is the sign of passion, it is the symbol of the devil, and the color of the Pope’s shoes. Isn’t that interesting?

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    1. The photos that I collages are just a fraction of the images of celebrities doing the Masonic hand signs, handshakes and etc, when reviewed it becomes so clear that there’s a club they’re devoted to. From what I researched I agree that they follow ancient pagan religions, it’s not just celebrities it’s politicians, religious leaders too. Have you heard of Marina Abramovich? She exclusively wears red and/or black and conducts cannibalistic-themed “art” rituals. The Pope belongs to the Red Shoe club, you don’t want to know what the shoes are allegedly made of but there’s a photo of wealthy elites wearing those bright red shoes, they’re given to the Popes in a celebratory way. I wonder what they did to earn those shoes?

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      1. I know a member of the Abramovich extended family, Marina is quite famous in her circle of entertainment and the arts. I had no idea she had succumbed to Luciferian delights. And those red shoes. I’m aware of the public claimed symbology of the red shoes which is a real twist to me since my Scandinavian roots also include the conquering of England that ended with the Plantegenets ruling England and much of Europe as Norman Conquerors. It was the Norman Royalty that began the tradition to represent the blood of martyrs with red shoes. Somehow the Pope ended up with the tradition as his own. I do know there was a lot of collusion between the Vikings and the Popes after their conversion to Christianity. The Popes wanted a bad ass Army and warming up to my heathen ancestors was quite convenient. Of course we all know what happened when the Normans were booted from the throne and Catholicism fell out of favor with the new Royal dynasty. That led to 130 years of war and the birth of the English Colonies in America.


      2. Abramovich is undoubtedly satanic, her cannibalism art disgusts me. She seems like she doesn’t age, a vampiric creature. I didn’t realize you were part of her extended circle, it creeps me out that you know her family. It makes me think you’re a troll.

        Google her grotesque artwork that uses pig’s blood splashed on the efficacy of a child, art is an excuse for her to practice Satanism openly, her rituals are adapted from Aleister Crowley. Maybe you know all these things already. If you’ve been following my blog I’ve covered these topics last year. Most people probably think it’s all coincidence, freemasonry, NWO etc because the information triggers a deep fear in them, they secretly worry that it’s true. If you’re genuinely interested you should search on DuckDuckGo Pizzagate, Abramovich, go down the rabbit hole.

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      3. Oh don’t worry, I only casually know a member of let’s say cousin range. I spent time in the Balkans and understand the different perspectives of Serbian culture and the not so subtle differences in the Balkans. I definitely am not a part or I would have known more. The person I know is a brilliant and talented person who rejects this path and prefers one akin to the love of literature and respectable living. The family surname is ancient and is derived from the original tribes of the old testament. Every family has it’s dark seed that can resurface in any generation. When I look at Marina, I know what she and her family over ten generations went through and how it forever permiated their psyche and molded a way of expressing the deepest agonies. This moderation of mind and spirit and the subsequent expression of that mind in a bizarre art and unfathomable performance is the result of suffering that is hard to imagine except by those who shared in that suffering. It is very human to look on this abhorrent language disguised as art and call it mad and evil and by most acceptable standards that assessment would be accurate. And yet, across every spectrum of humanity, there she stands and others like her, scoffing at the hypocrisy they mock with the only weapon they have, their tormented vision and Pluto or Hades wispering in their ear. To me it is sad because it never has to be that way and yet it is always chosen over more noble ways of expressing our humanity. The old saying of those who live by the sword will die by the sword is way of saying our dark choices shall consume us in the end. So be it. Hope that got me off the troll list. In reality, I’m just an eccentric old man who’s mental filters have given way to the obnoxious blathering of my opinion. That could be trollish, I guess. If so, my apologies. I’m off to find out about pizza gate. Thank you for your patience, Judy.


      4. I dislike pretentious art. I see her art with simplicity, and what I see is deeply disturbing. Evil emanates from her artwork. Art has an immediate effect, hers is very toxic. Trauma is no excuse, life is about choices.


  4. Thanks for sharing. I can’t get over how long that video is. I managed to get about halfway through, then skipped to the end. Creepy stuff. Not sure where I stand on all of it though.

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    1. Hi Crandew, yes it is very long, I’m impressed that you watched half, it’s a lot of information to unpack. Maybe it’s good to watch in parts, a lot of it is just photographs. It’s actually packed with information until the end. I’m afraid it’ll be deleted by YouTube soon. I created screenshot collages of it because I thought most people wouldn’t watch even a few minutes. It’s creepy information but the volume of circumstantial evidence is huge. I’m convinced of it. I’ve been researching this for a few years now and it becomes more and more clear. I think most masons aren’t allowed to know what masonry is really about, they even state that in their book that lower level masons will be deceived on purpose. Albert Pike was a Luciferean, so many famous and wealthy people were and are also masons. In their books, they think of us, the uninitiated, as fools, I think that’s why they signal to each other openly. They count on us to doubt the leaked information and they depend on our admiration of them as if they earned their leadership role, but it was inherited, not earned. They even admit to being related by blood. Thanks for checking out the information.

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