Poem: The Show

Shakespeare named it clearly
Life is a show
Some have lengthy monologues
Most have one-liners.

We work mindless repetition
Shuffling papers shredding documents
Deep-frying potatoes trucked in from Idaho
Spill coffee on your laptop
fall asleep married to your phone.
Our lonely lives got lonelier
via dehumanizing technology.

Mask up to do the laundry
and drive home alone.
Diaper your pie hole with cloth
Crawl into bed like a sloth
Rise, rinse and repeat the next morning.

Entertainment I forgot—
We numbingly watch
in virtual silence
moving images of stars
liars and propagandists
we call them actors
athletes doctors newscasters

They teach us murder rape violence
and we celebrate them
for replacing our thoughts
and dreams with theirs.

Films are programming us
What to wear what to eat
what is trending is all about profit
You think that they care about us?

If they could detonate a selective bomb
that only killed we the peasants
We’d already be dead.
In this purgatory aquarium
We’re the feeder fish.


  1. Wow for having the bravery Bravo, Judy. There is much truth to this post and your poem is right on. There is a book I think might enjoy. Sean Penn wrote a book called,”Bob honey, who just do stuff.”
    He was bombed by the critics even the Huffington post for his book and made fun of as well. I however thought in many ways it was a brilliant satire about the differences between low and middle class and those who are in the top one percent.

    Have a good weekend my friend and I I am sending hugs and lots of love. Stay safe, Joni ❤️🤗💕

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    1. Thank you, Joni. I’m going to look for the book, if the Huffington Post disliked it that’s a good sign :), I’m sure I’ll like it, interesting that Sean Penn wrote it. Have a good weekend too. Much love and hugs to you my friend 🤗💖🌷

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  2. This poem sums up the state of the world all right.

    At the start of the elite telling us all to wear masks last year, the anti-maskers (aka people with common sense) used to refer to wearing face masks as “wearing diapers on your face”.

    Now I see some idiot has gone and taken that literally.

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    1. Haha! Thank you, Christopher. I was surprised to find that people literally put diapers on their face. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I’m always thinking that people are smarter than they really are.

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  3. I love your poem. It highlights how we are wasting our life and energy, on all the many distractions and deceptions. I get a feel of bombardment from it, like weapons coming from all sides, like a war, like our life blood is being drained out of us, not just by outside forces, but by our own tortured selves.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. Your analogy is spot on. It does feel like a war, I think psychological warfare is just as effective or worse on our psyche. ADD world, keep our minds dull with short attention and limited focus, so we obey.

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      1. In the last week, my friend who lives in North Carolina, had to bring her six year old daughter to a medical centre because she wasn’t feeling well. They did an invasive nasal Covid test on her. It came out negative. For the the next three days, my friend’s daughter had very heavy nose bleeds, that wouldn’t stop and she was vomiting blood. When my friend returned to the medical centre, they denied all knowledge of the Covid test having taken place! My friend got her paediatrician involved, who discovered that during the Covid ‘Swab’ test, the child had ‘trauma’ to her nose, caused by the swab. The capillaries had been broken. Everything is okay now, her daughter is recovering, but…this just reinforces everything that you have been saying Judy.

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      2. I’m so sorry that happened to your friend’s daughter. Those horrible covid tests remind me of Egyptian mummification procedures, so invasive. I hope she is okay, I don’t trust those tests. I think there’s a lot of routine malpractice in hospitals, with very little accountability. Awful how they tried to deny culpability, so obvious that their test caused the damage. Kids could most probably recover from covid naturally but no, they have to enforce an experimental injection. Makes me furious!

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      3. What made matters worse is, my friend believes she also caught a cold from the medical centre ! It bothered me that they lied about giving the test and wouldn’t accept accountability.

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  4. Great poem with a deep social awareness. Poems that matter. I have to admit the repurposing of adult diapers is well done even if it is unnecessary. Is it okay, to see that as satire and be amused?

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    1. Thank you my friend. I guess the repurposing of diapers was creative and clever in its own way, humor and tragedy sometimes goes hand in hand. The family in matching diapers makes me worry for the future of our world though.

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      1. I think if they add an aluminum foil outer layer, it could catch on, and become a thing. Since I live in the South, I can always go to Wal-Mart to check on the latest trends. I’ll keep an eye out and report back.

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