Poem: Synchronicity Mystery: A Fish Called Melinda? (haiku in 3 variations + articles)

Have you noticed the similarity between Bill Gates’ (now ex-wife), Melinda and actor Kevin Kline? I’m not trying to be cruel but they look like fraternal twins to me. Older photos of Melinda are attractive, she used to have a more naturally feminine face: with thinner eyebrows, a rounded jawline and a smaller nose. People’s faces change as they age but Melinda looks unrecognizably, drastically, masculine with her thick, bushy eyebrows, pointy chin and bulbous nose. WTF happened to her?

The magic of photoshop? 🤯🤡!
This is the same person?! The nose, eyes, chin and eyebrows don’t look the same.
Fraternal twins separated at birth?

The story gets stranger. Before Bill married Melinda he dated Ann Winblad; a condition of his pre-marital agreement was spending cozy weekend vacations alone with Ann throughout his marriage to Melinda. He even asked Ann for permission to marry her. Sounds very fishy to me, no wonder they divorced.

Guess who Ann eventually married? Alex Kline, (aka Alex Klein), the brother of actor, Kevin Kline! Alex had a small role in the film, “A Fish Called Wanda” with his brother. I’ve searched for images of Alex online but couldn’t find any, (I wonder why 🤔), only Ann’s image comes up in searches. He’s a private detective, can he solve this synchronicity mystery? Kevin Kline also starred in “Dave” where he portrayed a doppelgänger for the President of the United States. The final bizarre synchronicity is that Kevin Kline married the actress, Phoebe Cates and Bill and Melinda’s daughter is named…Phoebe Gates 🤯! Clown World!

Clown World was always Clown World underneath the surface, but now it’s just more glaringly obvious.



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Mysterious Alex Klein:

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A Fish Called Wanda?
Brothers Alex and Kevin—-
Mr. Doubtfire?

What happened to you?
Doppelgänger Hollyweird?

Melinda and Phoebe Gates!
Clown World strikes again!


  1. Wow.

    You’ve really uncovered quite the mystery here, Judy. 🤔

    And this has now really become Clown World. 🤡🌍

    No wonder Information Technology when it came out was called IT (a la Stephen King 😱)🤡🤡🤡😈👿

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    1. Life just keeps getting stranger! I agree IT is the perfect acronym for creepy tech, the ghost in the machine 👿👹🤡. I think Stephen King has a window into the bizarre for sure.

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      1. I’m just listening to the news now.

        Apparently France and Germany have now joined Israel in wanting to give their citizens a third dose.

        And now some bureaucrats in the Canadian Federal Department of Health are saying maybe they should do the same for Canadians.

        I can just picture Dr. Anthony Fauci showing his ugly mug on TV again and suggesting the same for Americans.

        To be followed by Joe Biden tripping up and falling up the steps of Air Force One and saying all Americans must get a third dose of the “vaccine” or else!

        I guess people didn’t know when they got the first dose, they were lining up to become human equivalents of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows virus prone software – always needing updates.

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      2. I was thinking that during the last summit, the world leaders were all coming to agreement on their next phase of NWO. MSM won’t show all the international protests against the green pass/and mandatory jabs, it made me proud of other countries and ashamed of the passive compliance of US citizens. If the jab is about depopulation, the dumbest will be the first guinea pigs. My local mayor, (an idiot) recently announced that she’d have mandatory jabs for city workers (me), so I’ll probably have to get it or get the weekly nano worm test/nasal rape :(! Clown World is in full force. Gates once said (Freudian slip) that vaccines will help with overpopulation! He’s getting exactly what he wanted. 🥺

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I’m trying not to freak out. I’m in denial. It hasn’t happened yet so there’s a sliver of hope left. Hopefully Gov. Gavin Newsom will be recalled out of office in September and that’ll send a message to my Mayor to stop acting like Nazi Newsom or suffer similar consequences. Unbelievable how the world has changed so fast.

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      1. Sad times, I’m researching about graphene in the vax, it’s much worse than I thought. I’ll post about it soon but only a few friends want to hear or tolerate the anti-narrative info. Thank you for supporting my blog, Christopher 💖🙏


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