Poem: Leaving the Cult

Something shifted twisted broke

Turned us into Clown World dopes

Progressive politics branded the woke

As permanent victimhood folk.

Welfare charity and the stimulus is a joke

Depression at the end of the rope.

Hope used to be my mantra

Now I just cope

Mope through life without a voice.

Cuomo, Clinton and the rest who groped

They’re just like the popes molesting choirboys

Disinfect their lies with karmic soap

“No justice, no peace” for them I hope they choke

But they’re never criminally punished they just snort coke

Like that crack-head, Hunter Biden bloke

Nope I won’t be scammed with false compassion.

I left the Woke plantation years ago

I’m not part of that liberal cult anymore

Now I just float through this life

As if I’m on a boat and all of this insanity

Is a trope to prove it’s all a lucid dream.

Anti Woke



  1. Yes, wokeism is definitely a cult.

    I seem to recall from about 2010 to 2014, people were obsessed with the idea of a zombie apocalypse.

    In fact they even dressed up as zombies and held parades.

    Almost as if it were a prophetic foreshadowing of what was to come.

    People woke and became zombies.

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    1. I agree, there were so many zombie films and they usually became zombies via a virus. Lots of films with people wearing face masks too. I think they’ve been planning this for decades. Woke truly = zombies!

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