Poem: White Liberals in Blackface

“White liberals in blackface.”

Virtue Signaling Saviors 
have a superiority complex
Slave to their confidence
in false ideologies
dumb to their own ignorance.
Social Justice Warrior =
Fascists and Marxists
That’s why they detest
the flag and religions.

Righting past wrongs with new wrongs
Control Freak Narcissists
pretend to be compassionate
but Systemic Racism existed
against ALL minorities
not just black and brown folks

Asians are never courted or counted
because they destroy the false narrative
keep quiet and to themselves
Ignored until they’re needed for photo ops
politicians deny their sorrows and worth.
No one cares about Asians living in poverty
or getting mugged or worse.
We’re the easiest of targets
the silent, complacent minority.

CRT is a political ruse—-
We already have affirmative action
Redlining and segregation was abolished.
Social Justice Warriors, funded by Soros
Play-fighting an orchestrated battle
that was already fought and won
by MLK and the 1960’s activists
when systemic racism actually existed.
They want to bring back the gladiator ring—-
the haves vs the nothings the slavelings
that’s how we’re viewed and used without guilt.

Pretending that nothing’s changed
in modern society
erases their literal sacrifice and legacy
of standing with integrity
for equality for all
now they want lopsided equity
Privilege is economically driven
not racially given.
Assholes come in all colors and religions.

Wearing victimhood like a trophy
is the end goal of social justice?
SJWs are the result of media propaganda
and the school’s indoctrination cheerleading
I should know—I was one of them
Obsessed with heroes and victims.
Crippled in a frame of logic vs feeling
I choose feeling
shackled in blame mode.
Entitled to everything
without doing the work
What a jerk!
= Liberalism.

and perpetual attention-seeking
Look at me saving the world
by burning down a Dollar store
Spinning umbrellas like a pseudo ninja
in my black fishnet skinny jeans.

The US has a dire future
apocalyptic reminiscent
Something’s come to a close
Time is merciless
like a love who won’t return.
Without truth and responsibility
We’ll break apart soon
Rioting is mindless violence
any fool can throw a brick
and say it’s justified righteousness.
Stop blaming others
to assert your own worth.

What is CRT? Critical Race Theory pretends it is about equity, leveling the playing field and abolishing racist systems but it’s inherently discriminatory and ironically racist:


These CRT books are marketed for babies and toddlers, the propaganda is everywhere


CRT debates featuring Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk:

The Hypocrisy of BLM/CRT Activists:

These opportunists, Coleurs and King have plenty of privilege, they siphoned money away from the black community and bought mansions to live in. Shaun King (aka Talcum X) is the epitome of a white liberal parading as a black SJW. Police kill more whites than blacks statistically but no one wants to hear the truth.

How CRT harms our future:


Another Hate Hoax:


Regardless of what race you are, if you’re robbing or attacking me I’m going to defend myself. I agree with Yeomi Park:


Asians don’t have privilege, but the assumption is that they do. They’re viewed as “white-adjacent”, a connotation of passive privilege. They’re discriminated against by all races, objectified and ridiculed as foreigners within their own country. They’re academically penalized for the sake of racial balance and “equity”. In CRT, it seems that Asians have to do double the work for half the acknowledgment. In Critical Race Theory is merit a dirty word?


  1. Those points from Critical Race Theory you’ve listed there remind me of the way Mao Tse-tung used to conduct his arguments and frame his narrative in his Little Red Book.

    So all the brainless white liberals and brainless BLM SJWs seem to have swiped their arguments for Critical Race Theory by paraphrasing the inherently contradictory arguments of an Asian named Mao Tse-tung (albeit an Asian who was an asshole, demagogue, despot, tyrant and megalomaniac).

    So once again white liberals and BLM SJWs show their anti-Asian prejudice by swiping their ideas from an Asian without giving that Asian due credit (thus showing they are to political propaganda what Quentin Tarantino is to filmmaking).

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    1. Great points you’ve made, Christopher. The ex-leader of BLM Patrice Coleurs (misspelled her name), anyway she was complimented by being compared to Mao and his little red book and she seemed flattered by the comparison. History really does tend to repeat because no one seems to learn anything. Dumbing down the population and the propaganda has led to clown world. In Oregon they just passed a law stating that high school graduates don’t have to know how to read or do math at a high school level, (the dumber they are, the less they know that they’re a slave).

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      1. Totally, that would explain how she’s in office. I think (hope) the presidential election was stolen, if not the US isn’t going to survive it’s own stupidity for much longer.

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