The Mandate: Part Three : Poem: Black Goo

Black Goo Sci-Fi Stab
microscopic nano particles
climb and grab
hiding inside the shot
tinier than a drop unloads them
Graphene Oxide inside of us
Mini magnetic explosions
Twisting like metallic twigs
Independently multiplying
forming ladders and convolutions
AI connections
Follow the trail of puzzle pieces together

The body is a self-repairing miracle
Nature is medicine
Love is healing
Everything we needed was here
naturally every cure available
But we let scientific villains
create golems and mutated incurable sorrows
We can’t win, not with toxic biochemicals
to fight lab-created dis-eases
Once you birth a thing you can’t just undo it

Prison time for Fauci,
empty his bloated bank accounts.
Gain of function is funding mad scientists
bio warfare with vaccines as the friendly fire shots
We did this to ourselves by relinquishing our own power
Vampires can’t enter without permission
or maybe that’s just a peasant’s legend
We’re going in the wrong direction
This isn’t the way
to abuse and modify nature is demonic.

We need to remember when
We were human
before the GMO invasion crept in
Singularity that’s what they want
Longevity greed for a golden laden few
The Vampiric elect
the sniveling leaders
and their celebrity entourage of slaves
The rest of us are cattle to be future processed
as cyborg batteries and appetizers
I think that’s the pyramid scheme
Socialism, Communism, Capitalism too
are themes are part of the system
that excludes and divides us while they secretly rule
asleep on MK ultra sexbot manga and rainbow stunted punch

We the kneeling,
apologizing for breathing,
the self-muzzled masses,
cumulatively it’s true
we’re lambs to their slaughter
Fluoridation is working like the school system glue
dumb down the classes until there’s just one
Calcified intuition
Crystallized third eye frozen vision
in pixelation crust of rat poison.
Nazis used it too at the camps
History is getting rewritten daily hourly

Antifa are Brownshirt fascists rebranded
in punky hair and black skinny jeans
Fooling the foolish
to burn down cities and forests
Big Brother Survivor Kardashian trash reality
“The Apprentice” became the President
in charge of the political circus
I try to avoid the programming
but it’s virtually everywhere.
Hard copies are precious
digital is easily deleted
They’ve already redefined Racism
to exclude the possibility of whites as victims
They even vilified Abraham Lincoln

Color is the only identity in Critical Race Theory
certain POC are segregated and elevated higher
Clown World is reverse world
where valuing merit is a sign of white supremacy
We’ve lost our foundation of morality
Lost our grounding to earth
Lost our spiritual connection and our inner worth
like Sell outs to costume jewelry
Judas with his measly silver stash
Life’s materialism is temporal

We’ve lost ourselves in identity crisis
hoarding status is trash is depression
without knowing why emptiness.
Inner rainbow diamond wisdom
clogged with disuse and rust
Inaccessible inner truth
We’re amnesiatic stardust
We lost our way home
We lost our faith and principles and trust
in God and goodness is what creates miracles is love.

But we redefined goodness as foolishness
We were all programmed with wanderlust
Leave small town simplicities
Judge the old ways as outdated
Trade the classic for the experimental
Drink in the smug cosmopolitan
illusory potion of sophistication
Brave New World indulgence
Virtual signaling costuming intelligence
Wearing someone else’s thoughts
as if they were a part of you
Conformity is a blind religion.
1984 is happening without a question
and the sheep don’t have a clue.

Posting this again about Graphene oxide in the vaccines:

The Covidians: brilliant video🙏

Black Goo:

Elon Musk Neural link connection:

Graphene and 5G:

Graphene might act as an interface with EMF waves, transhumanism seems to be part of the globalist’s “build back better”. Predictive Programming in Spider-Man and Prometheus was preparing us for nanotech bio-warfare?

Black Goo in Predictive Programming:

Scene from the Matrix this classic scene never loses it’s essence of truth:


  1. Hi Judy,

    I’m just watching the 5 PM Global News Calgary Channel 7 News.

    I can’t believe the widespread virus of genocidal insanity.

    Alberta’s brainless Minister of Health Tyler Chandro is acting like a Democratic Party governor in a Northeastern U.S. state and has just announced that he’s moving Covid-19 patients from hospitals into long care centres and nursing homes.

    It appears that 🤡= 😈 in today’s 🤡🌎

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