The Mandate: Part Four: Why Aren’t Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Being Reported on Mainstream Media?

Yes! We have to fight back while it’s still possible!

How can these people be trusted?

Does the public want to know the truth? I wonder about that often.

The definition of Cognitive Dissonance:

“The psychological tension that occurs when one holds mutually exclusive beliefs or attitudes and that often motivates people to modify their thoughts or behaviors in order to reduce the tension.”

from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

The definition of Cognitive Dissonance sounds a lot like Denial. I think the average person is conditioned to follow the majority, regardless of what the majority is doing. Maybe it’s part of our genetic programming to seek safety in numbers as a survival instinct. When I look at schools of fish or flocks of migrating birds, I think of how necessary it is to work cooperatively and communicate with each other, but I think conformity is ultimately an illusion of safety.

Why is the data ignored?

Corporate Media (including FOX News) censored the anti-malaria drug, Hydroxychloriquine’s effectiveness at treating Covid-19 patients, why? My guess is Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anything that Trump suggested was instantly villainized regardless of it’s validity. How many lives could’ve been saved instead of killed because of malpractice? How many Covid deaths were the direct result of being forced on respirators? I want to see the data on the covid deaths of patients who were put on respirators, I bet there are a significant amount of young people who would’ve survived if given hydroxychloriquine.

Project Veritas is a perfect platform for whistleblowers:

Fox and CBS News anchors, Ivory Hecker and April Moss were both criticized for asking a real questions instead of following the given narrative. Both were fired for whistleblowing. Mainstream Corporate news is propaganda but only a few brave journalists can admit to this reality. Both of these interviews are mind-opening about corporate media’s role in misinformation.

Broadcast footage was staged, with news crew and/or medical staff pretending to be vaccine patients waiting for their shot. Pure propaganda. How is this legal?

Why was Hydroxychloroquine villanized by msm? Was it because it was effective at treating Covid-19 patients instead of killing them on respirators? It seems like they didn’t want a successful cure but wanted to raise the death tally instead.

Diseases within the vaccines:?

If the jab works why are the vaccinated being hospitalized and dying: 400+ Vaccinated doctors/medical staff


Jail the unvaccinated:


  1. Excellent questions, Judy.

    And then there’s the question, why did Joe Biden last night, when he was giving the most tyrannical and despotic speech ever given by a U.S. President in all recorded history, say, “Vaccinated workers need to be protected from their unvaccinated co-workers.”?

    If someone is already vaccinated (in the old days prior to 2020, being vaccinated meant you were now immune to the disease that you had been vaccinated against), why do they need protection against the unvaccinated?

    Unless of course what they’re saying is that being “vaccinated” with all these mRNA messenger genetic modifier serums (that they deceptively call “vaccines”) does not prevent you from getting or transmitting the disease (which statistics from Israel, Iceland and the United Kingdom is showing to be the case).

    So what’s the purpose of being vaccinated?

    To quote Bill Gates as he sits playing in the bathtub with his unvaccinated rubber ducky, “To kill most of the world’s population, dammit!”.

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    1. I agree with you 💯%, Why are the vaccinated getting sick, hospitalized or dead? The outbreaks are from the vaxxed but no one will believe it. The delta variant is most probably from the vaccines “shedding”, what Biden said was the opposite of the truth. Is everything he says/does wrong? Sweden never shut down and they are doing fine, much better than us dummies. 🤤😷😴

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  2. From the beginning, nothing has been accurately reported. Pretty sure that’s been deliberate.

    Things are escalating now. It’s going to be a rough winter. I can’t even imagine what next year will be like.

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