The Mandate: Part Five: Informed Consent

Informed consent to medical treatment is fundamental in both ethics and law. Patients have the right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care. Successful communication in the patient-physician relationship fosters trust and supports shared decision making.”

History does repeat! Mike Wallace was a true journalist. The swine flu caused injuries just like the new vaccines for covid. This video is mind-blowing, please watch this! Notice the parallels:

Compilation of vaccine injury testimony:


Pregnant unvaccinated woman experiencing heart problems is denied care because of her vaccine status:

Are humans conformists? I’ve always disliked the terms trendy, or trendsetter. The video below illustrates how quickly and easily people imitate and follow.

Psaki lying again:

I’m impressed that Europeans are fighting against the green pass. We’re supposed to be the leaders of the free world, we can’t give up!


  1. Excellent research and reporting! Yes, those of us who are old enough to remember the Swine Flu debacle are old (and wise) enough to know NOT to trust the government or any of its agencies. Sadly, they’ve grown more devious and deceptive over time and are now totally out of control. Jen and Joe are our official liars without a doubt! Thank you for exposing them even more.

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    1. Thank you, WG. I think They were trying to do with the swine flu what they’re now doing with covid, but this time when doctors are speaking up they’re being silenced. I’m afraid we won’t be able to shift the tide, even though there are so many who are fighting.

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      1. Ah, do not allow fear to weaken you dear friend. There ARE many uniting and fighting; the media just doesn’t want us to know. We can’t simply rollover but I believe must exhaust all possibilities such as the ones you posted for invoking religious exemption. United we stand, divided we fall (and how interesting that the government is keeping up the narrative to divide us).

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      2. It’s hard for me to stand alone at work against a sea of people who voluntarily vaxxed and they want to vax their children. My coworkers are kind but wow they don’t think for themselves at all. When I bring up the fact that vaxxed can spread this they get quiet, and embarrassed because they know it’s true.

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      3. And to think they are in the “information” business. When things like this happen I try to remember it’s seeds being planted. Some will take. Some won’t. But, it’s not on my time frame. I can only cast then let go…and move on.

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      4. True, people have to figure this out on their own, “you can lead a horse to water…” Some people will never wake up it’s too uncomfortable for them to realize they’ve been tricked.

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