Poem: Coercion, Fear and Force “For Your Own Protection”: Tanka in 3 variations + videos

Jokes have to be partly true to be funny, this one is at 💯%

Must see video explaining what happens at each step of the jab and it’s probable after effects:

She just admitted that the unvaccinated are in danger of the vaccinated:

“Those that are vaccinated, we now know based on the CDC….because of the delta variant they carry so much more virus, they could transmit it to their unvaccinated family members…I need to now be careful for my children.”

Dr.Leana Wen
Zero logic, Dr. Wen admits that the vaxxed are shedders, “they carry so much more virus”

This is where, “It’s for your protection” will be promoted, as it already is. Few realize that the vaccinated are the ones that are getting hospitalized, not the other way around. Look at the surge of covid cases on college campuses that require vaccination. When will logic prevail?

Coercion and Force: “For your own good”

It’s for your own good
The jab is misunderstood
Don’t think, just obey
Don’t be morally selfish
Don’t you want your old life back?

If you don’t obey
We’ll fire you right away
or “Leave without Pay”
It’s for your own protection
because the vaccines don’t work.

Not the way you wished
Not a return to normal
They destroyed Normal
The carrot on a string lie
Booster shot money pot fraud.


    1. Ha! She is super creepy and moronic. Their logic is screwed but no one will admit to it and no one questions it. I didn’t think the majority of people were this stupid 🤤😴! We must now protect ourselves from the protected so we don’t infect them with what they gave us in the first place? They’ll have us jumping through endless hoops until we die = build back better.

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  1. Literally forcing the vaccine on the masses. Either get vaccinated or tested weekly for life. Every month or so a new strain/variant is unleashed to fan the flames of insanity. As you said, the norm is gone forever 😣😵😷

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    1. It’s so sad how fast we lost our freedoms. The “variants” will never stop. The new discrimination is aimed at the unvaccinated but they’re not the problem. 😷😴🤤!


      1. I agree, Judy. People who are vaccinated are still getting the virus. I spoke with a nurse the other day who’s friend, also a nurse,passed away from COVID and he was fully vaccinated. He worked in the emergency room area. 38yrs. old. Now they are pushing the booster shot and vaccinating the kids..😷😓😵

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      2. The worst part of this scam is how they’re dividing us, causing suspicion/blaming unvaccinated when the vaxxed can also spread it, I honestly think it’s the vax that’s making people pass away not covid alone.

        So sad to hear about your friend’s colleague who died. When will people wake up?


      3. Yes, dividing the country and adding more stress to an already strange atmosphere. Who’d ever think we’d be wearing masks on a daily basis and being force fed some type of vaccine.

        Thank you. As long as there is controlled fear spreading, they can keep people in the dark.

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      4. Great point. If someone had told us this would be our reality just a few years ago, we couldn’t imagine it really happening. It’s like sci-fi world nowadays. Give an inch ,They’ll take more than a mile.
        We have to collectively get up, shake off the nonsense, it’s like we’ve been drugged. If enough of us did this, They’d be on the ropes, not us.


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