The Mandate: Part Six: Fight for your Rights

Heroes taking a stand, we need this to happen everywhere:

Now is the time to take back our freedom. Now is the time to take a stand. Don’t back down, don’t comply.

Religious Exemption: I just found this site and YouTube channel. Don’t ask for a religious exemption, invoke your religious exemption. This is already your right.

Don’t have your employer sign a form stating that they’re liable for vaccine injury, don’t give them any leverage. Refuse to comply based on your sincerely held religious belief:

Very informative video, most employers don’t realize they’re breaking the law when they harass or question your religious exemption:


  1. Bravo for Jonathan Isaac.

    That video of policemen, firefighters and paramedics standing together was shot in Calgary.

    I recognized the building right away where they were standing in front of.

    It’s a beautiful classical and elegantly styled building.

    One of the few beautiful and classically elegant style buildings left in downtown Calgary.

    Most of the buildings in downtown Calgary are ugly looking eyesores with no aesthetic values whatsoever.

    The only way you’d find them attractive is if you were high on hallucinogenic drugs.

    Which may explain the high Fentanyl and opiode usage rate in the city.

    Another video on YouTube giving advice on religious exemptions and civil rights is Evangelist Anita Martir Rivera.

    She’ll even write a religious exemption letter/email for you that you can give to your employer if you email her.

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    1. Jonathan Issac said the truth in such a clear way that I hope the Sheeple can finally understand, but they’re so airheaded 🤤.

      I like old architecture, new buildings look like cement blocks, no style. The fentanyl is coming through the open borders thanks to sleepy Joe.
      All the preachers and lawyers who are helping people with exemptions are heroes. I think of them as being like the few good people who fought against the Nazis by offering shelter and help.

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  2. Very optimistic and positive post Judy. Love Jonathan Isaac’s eloquence, stance and demeanour and love how Peggy Hall is equipping people to protect their basic human rights and liberty with the religious exemption law. This is what we need right now.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I am so impressed with Jonathan Issac, he’s so modestly intelligent and respectful, he puts the msm reporters to shame. I love Peggy Hall! She a tough and brilliant fighter, she’s giving me comfort and confidence to fight for a religious exemption at work. Even if I lose/get fired its worth it to me to take this stand. I’ve been realizing lately that our side, we’ve already won, the ending just has to run it’s course. Good will always win and that’s what we’re made of. Love.

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  3. Excellent post, and one so many need to see. I am surprised YouTube didn’t censor the video but glad you found it. I am going to pass this along to others who are needlessly being coerced.

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      1. On Bitchute click the Share button in the bottom corner of the viewing screen, click copy link to clipboard. Then paste that link to WP. I hope it works for you. You’re very welcome!

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      2. Darn, this way didn’t work either; I got the same unsupported file type message. Sure wish WP would be more “open” and offer this capability… Thanks for trying to help me though.

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      3. I’m sorry WP is glitchy. On Bitchute that symbol click on the right bottom corner that looks like a “less than” or a Pac-Man image then copy it to the clipboard symbol which shows the link address. Maybe it only works using an iphone or iPad? I wish it would work for you because you have great information to share.

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      4. Darn, I tried the e-m copy/paste but my WP says it doesn’t support that format.

        BTW, I love the Frontline Doctors video you shared. How would you feel about me reblogging your post with that video? (I think that’s the right term. Whatever gives you the credit and leaves your post in tact.) If you prefer I don’t, no worries but I think it’s exceptional info that needs to get out there. I e-mailed your post to several close friends BTW who I hope will share it with others. Thank you making such a positive difference in our crazy world!

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      5. Maybe it’s because I’m using an iphone to cut and paste the Bitchute videos? Sorry it’s not working.

        Feel free to reblog my posts, I’m flattered that you’d want to share them. Thank you for getting this information out to your friends, I think grassroots movement is the only way to get through msm’s lies. You’re awesome, WG!


  4. This is fabulous information and can be of great help to many who are needlessly being discriminated against and shamed for caring about their health. I will definitely share with those in need!

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    1. Thank you my friend! Many don’t realize that they’re covered under a religious exemption based on sincere belief, you don’t have to formally belong to a church, even atheists qualify. Corps might try to fight this but they’re in the wrong. It feels like everyone’s been jabbed but me at work, makes me sad that some were basically forced to out of fear of losing their job.

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