Poem: The Bystanders of Fate

We carry 100% risk while Big Pharma takes 0% risk, why aren’t They held liable?

More organisms found in the vaccine vials:

“They’re Back!“ (creepy line from “Poltergeist”) is this what They’re referring to in Build Back Better?

The truth is the truth

you can try to suppress it

Nullify deny oppress it

but it remains like a stain

deranged on the edges .

Home of the no longer brave

Home of the bystanders of fate

A country of slaves

Waiters of permission

Generations of self-obsession

congregating rich with self-interest

powerfully ignorant

voluntary puppets of literal fascists

I guess it’s not their fault

the fault lies within all of us

that perpetuated the system

every time we didn’t fight back

every time we listened

we disabled a primal piece of ourselves

we were the enablers and victims

of generational ignorance and tyranny

We’re all responsible for this.

It’s time to reclaim our power

Hold the line

listen to the sovereignty

within yourself and



  1. An excellent poem showing how our society has degenerated into fascism.

    Speaking of which, the Trudeau government in Canada has just issued a directive saying that Canada’s federal public servants are not allowed to say “Let’s go, Brandon.”

    To do so will result in one’s immediate dismissal from the Canadian Public Sevice.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. It depresses me to think that most still don’t realize what’s happened. Blackface Trudeau is so repulsive 🤮 their censorship of the genius of “Let’s go Brandon” sounds illegal. They don’t have any grounds to terminate employment. Why does every supposedly “free” country now sound like a tyrannical regime? Build back better is evil order out of chaos, we’re in the destruction phase, chaos is coming soon I think. 😞

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      1. It’s on the US dollar underneath the Illuminati pyramid because they think as long as they announce what they’re doing (hidden in plain view) they’re not liable, we are, for not listening. Evil genius :(.

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  2. Great poem Judy. You can’t diminish the truth, ‘it remains like a stain’. Love that analogy. A really hopeful, powerful message. I remember doing psychology at college and was astounded at ‘bystander apathy.’ I think we all thought, we’d never be like that! If someone is getting attacked in the street, we’d never just pass by. and yet, we are still doing it. This is a global version of that.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I think you personally would help someone that was being attacked, that’s why the bystander apathy of others astounded you. I’ve come to realize that common sense isn’t the same to everyone. I heard on the news recently that a woman was raped on a train by a stranger, people on the train didn’t help at all! I think some might’ve even filmed it! A train employee was the one to call police, the woman was still being raped when cops arrived to help. I think everyone on that train that didn’t try to help should’ve also been arrested. What’s wrong with those people!?

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