Predictive Programming: The Matrix is Masonic + Poem: What is the Matrix? (haiku in 3 variations)


MK Uktra = Follow the White Rabblit, Alice in Wonderland programming, the rabbit also is a symbol for adrenochrome

“The Matrix” reveals the truth hidden in plain view: I loved the original Matrix film, but now I’m seeing the puppet strings. 🥺🥲. Once you have their symbolism deciphered you will see that it’s everywhere:

The inverted pyramid is Masonic, the black and white checkerboard floors wind like a DNA starircase, the inverted pyramid is also on the old television (tv = programming)
Two different images of Neo with one eye darkened, is the eye of Horus, Neo is both Christ and anti-Christ, he’s a false savior

I think the Matrix spelled out the hidden agenda quite well. I now realize that it’s also propaganda, 🤯 it’s a Masonic film that predicts Transhumanism and the Singularity. Neo becomes “one” with the machines. He’s a god-like Christ figure that acts like a New Age Buddha.

Neo exists to replace belief in Christianity. It’s Neo that saves the world in this dark fantasy, not Jesus, this is exactly how Satanism works. It’s very sneaky. Freemasons believe that they are Demi-gods that live above common morality. “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law” is their psychotic motto.

I’m still going to watch “Matrix 4” but with an eye of discernment. I think every major film is part of Project Mockingbird. What we thought was entertainment was actually feeding us a set narrative. Breaking out of the Matrix is about seeing the world as it actually is, a criminal cabal.

What is programming?
Do we have Stockholm Syndrome?
What is brainwashing?

What is our purpose?
What’s cognitive dissonance?
Why do They show us?

What’s reality?
What’s predictive programming?
What is the Matrix?


  1. What happens at the end of Matrix Revolutions? Neo defeats Agent Smith (the virus) and the Matrix is reset, while a small group of humans live outside the Matrix, what about those who are still trapped in the reset program. On the surface it’s a good vs evil, awakening movie but if you look very closely, the message is clear…what is really reality..what we are conditioned to since birth? What we perceive? Or what is uploaded into our brain? I love this post, Judy. Now I have to watch all three films again.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester. You have insightful observations that I overlooked. You’re right only a handful of humans gained freedom while the rest remained slaves! How did I miss that one? Yikes! Keanu dazzled and distracted me, (partly joking). Also the AI they were god-like, there’s no God in this film, no savior except for Neo, that’s Satanism right there. The first Matrix is loaded with Transhumanism, the spying tracker, controlling “possessing” people remotely. I’ve been wanting to critique and decipher other SciFi films too, tons of programming. There’s a kid’s film called “the Last Mimsy” that is full of clues.


      1. You’re welcome, Judy. I didn’t think about it until now, your post jog my memory. Keanu has that zen like affect on us all 😄. “The Last Mimsy” sounds familiar, will have to rewatch it. Also, “The Animatrix” was a compilation of animated shorts, one shows how the Matrix started.

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      2. Keanu does have a peaceful, hypnotic charisma but remember he portrayed the anti-Christ in the film, The Devils advocate with Al Pacino as Satan. 😈🥺. I know these are all just films but I realize they carry deep clues. Once you see it, the repeated message is in many sources in films, music, books.


      3. He is drawn to such mystical/supernatural roles. I completely forgot about The Devil’s Advocate (thank you). You’re right, once you pick up on the hidden messages you begin to see them everywhere..Years ago the was a minister named John Ankerberg who use to talk about cult religions and the demonic influence in the entertainment industry. The 👿 best trick is to have you believe he doesn’t exist.

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      4. Very true, Keanu portrayed Buddha too, he looked very silly pretending to be Indian! Yes, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making the world think he doesn’t exist.” I keep seeing glamorization of the devil in shows, music, books, foods, you name it, as if the devil is a funny, sexy guy with a pitchfork. Phrases like “Beast mode” and “GOAT” are used as slang to mean “the greatest of all time” (yeah right but it’s not what it’s referring to!) I used to think the ministers were being dramatic and corny, warning about the occult but nothing corny about evil. 😳


      5. Nowadays the devil is portrayed as an antihero (Lucifer). It goes back to putting people to sleep about the true nature of things. There was an episode of South Park where Jesus and the devil had a boxing match and it was a huge pay per view event. On the surface it looked silly and that was the point. There were some doomsday preachers too, who constantly talked about the end of times. You would think they were quacks or heavy handed but look at this day and age.

        What we think is satire has a deeper message behind it.

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      6. Yes, they use satire as a way to ridicule Jesus. The South Park clip was so sad in its truth! No one bets on Jesus. I think the US and the world will become forcibly atheist or Luciferean, we’re pretty much already there but it’s not mandated (yet). I think we’ll become like China or North Korea where they persecute believers. I know it sounds extreme but things are getting crazier and crazier.


      7. The idea is that a new world order will be established and the anti Christ will fool humanity and become the leader. This will be the false kingdom of heaven on earth. Believers are being persecuted around the world and yes, things are at an all time high craziness. 🤯

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      8. Yes I’ve been seeing the signs everywhere, they don’t hide it anymore but only those with eyes to see can understand what’s happening. I’m amazed everyday!


  2. Your poem sums up the original Matrix film quite well, Judy.

    That was the only Matrix film I saw and I only saw it once.

    Back in 2008, I watched it in a hotel room in the town of Hanna, Alberta when my dad and I were returning from holidays in the province of Saskatchewan.

    When I saw it, I said this is pure Masonic propaganda.

    Because I had studied and done a great deal of research on Freemasonry and other cults.

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I had no idea about the masons until just a few years ago in 2016 . I liked the original, had no idea it was preparing us for Transhumanism but now it’s so obvious. Both the Wachowski brothers became sisters, they’re deep in the pyramid cult. I had hoped maybe some artist leak the truth to help warn us but no it’s not a warning, it’s a blueprint, it’s a spell.

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      1. Yes, it’s amazing how these devils in human form often rely on the motif of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Purloined Letter.

        Everything is hidden in plain sight.

        I first began to wander about this with one of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movies- I believe it was the second one where Angelina Jolie’s real life father Jon Voight plays Lara Croft’s father in the movie- at the start of the film you see what looks like a Zoom internet video conference (in the days before they had Zoom) where a group of people identify themselves as the Illuminati saying, “We are the Illuminati and you people viewing this are too stupid to realize what we’re doing even though we’re going to show you everything in plain sight.”

        I thought at the time, Is this real? Or are the scriptwriters just engaging in dramatic dialogue?

        Looking back now at this film (which came out in the early 2000s) and all the films that came out since and what’s happened in reality, it makes me wonder whether that wasn’t a real actual boast.

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      2. Wow, I remember watching that film, there were definitely Illuminati references, I want to watch it again to see the scene you mentioned! They like to announce their actions, I honestly believe that they feel invincible and take pleasure in showing the asleep what they’re doing. It gives them a sense of “we warned them, it’s their fault for not listening”, it’s black magic, a spell to trick the masses.

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  3. I really like this poem Judy. It makes me think and ask questions. Stockholm syndrome I recognise happening to me, on a personal level, with certain individuals. I would hope that I wouldn’t sucuumb to it on a global/governmental level and don’t understand how other people can, but you’ve got me thinking about that now.
    Also, perhaps the governments have hoped that we all have cognitive dissonance, which a large portion of us do, and the brain washing just makes it ten times worse.
    People just want an easy life, so if someone says to them, you won’t be able to travel, for instance, unless you have the vaccine. they’ll get it without thinking. It’s shocking because it’s childish thinking. It’s like saying you can have this treat if you do x,y or z, and chidren rarely think beyond that. But these are adults we’re talking about!

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    1. Thank you Sue! I think we’ve been socially conditioned to not question authority especially “medical experts”. So many deaths occur every year, do to malpractice but none of that is publicized.

      I think they’re counting on us all obeying. I want to travel, and have my life and job too but when we all give in, they will keep pushing more. That’s how psychopaths operate. How dare they “reward” us with the freedom they stole! 99.8 % survival rate but so many volunteered to be lab experiments? People are like children, constantly trying to be youthful, never growing up. I have cognitive dissonance too. I think we can all help each other to realize what’s going on. For instance, a WP friend reminded me of the ending of the original “Matrix trilogy”, only a few humans escaped, the rest still exist in the Matrix! That’s a happy ending? I never seemed to realize this until my friend said it! So many illusions! Stockholm Syndrome reminds me of how pedophiles “groom” their victims, they slowly get their trust.

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