Predictive Programming: “Anniliation” + Ferrofluid (videos) + Poem: Dark Matter is Anti-Life (haiku in 15 variations)

Throughout history the haves have always abused the have nots whether by hoarding resources or stealing their labor and worth. The aristocratic system never went away, we were fooled by a surface illusion of democracy.

The CDC is mocking us

This video explains the perplexing dynamics with clarity; why are some people awake while the majority sleeps? I’ve been asking myself this, it’s not a matter of IQ, it’s a matter of subservience. Do you think for yourself or do you rely on instructions? Are you self-reliant or dependent on authority’s guidance? Do you believe that unjust laws should be broken? Please know that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy, you’re part of the resistance 🙏❤️:

Dark Matter/Graphene/Black Goo:

Greta and Billie are oozing liquid death

I see a clear pattern, very disturbing and it points back to Transhumanism. What is the ghost in the machine?

Ghost in the machine: is Artificial Intelligence a portal for alien/demonic entities?:

“The term ghost in the machine has come to also describe the supposed consciousness in a device that behaves as if it has a will that is independent of what the human operator wants the device to do.”

Lady Gaga in Black GooGoo

Predictive Programming: “Annihilation

“Annihilation” has a mysterious alien that can clone humans, they have silver metallic trees that form in a mirage-like hologram area. The alien morphs into a black goo iridescent substance, the end scene is of the heroine silhouetted in black, has she secretly become possessed?

Never trust mad scientists, more videos about Graphene oxide and black goo from the gleefully misguided “experts”:

What is Dark Matter?
Graphene the alien theme
makes the lungs shatter

Black Goo metallic
Black dahlia liquid gleaming
Dark bloom dripping snakes

Black magic flower
Ghost in the machine tower
Anti-God serum

Wicked winking blink
“Resistance is futile” smile
They’ve arrived, in us.

Fuck Kurzweil, Gates and Musk
so afraid of death

that they decided
to merge humans with machines
splice genes with nano

to live forever
as mindless slaves and soldiers?
possessed by demons?

Death isn’t evil
but hoarding onto life is!
Greed for life is fear

Life and time won’t stop
There’s more to life than we know
A life of honor

is a gift to God
They’ve trashed the body-temple
God lives within us

Thieves have breached the gate
weaponized technology
to call themselves gods

We’ve had enough lies
We’re fully armed with the truth
We don’t work for you

We’re done with the ruse
theaters arenas closed
Idol worship’s dead

So go fuck yourselves
back to hell where you were spawned
Star backwards is RATS

We trusted and loved
emulated piece of shit
Satan worshippers 👹💩

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (the Dementor) embracing dark matter as high fashion. This world is lost in nihilism.


  1. I love your haiku, Judy.

    It definitely tells the Transhumanist masters of black goo where they can go.

    It’s somehow appropriate to see Greta Thunberg with black goo oozing from her face.

    Gives a whole new meaning to her expression “Blah! Blah! Blah!”.

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  2. That first video was so amazing, Judy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the road that lies before us, and just reality in general, so clearly laid out before. He nails it. Great post!

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    1. I appreciated what the first video’s speaker said too, it’s so true! Followers don’t want the responsibility of thinking for themselves, they feel a false sense of safety in obeying without questioning. That’s the opposite way of leaders or free thinkers.

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      1. Exactly. It’s funny, because I’ve never felt comfortable following anyone blindly. Like the guy said, the two types of people live in completely different realities.

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