“Rules Always Have Been and Always Will Be For Poor People” 🤑

This privileged a-hole at least said the truth: Private jets don’t require vax passports to internationally travel, rules don’t apply to them? Money talks:

Muzzles for the worker slaves:

What percentage of CDC employees are vaccinated?” (of course she dodged the question). Hypocrisy rules! Mandates are only for we the peasants, not the mandate makers. Did you know that most CDC employees haven’t returned to in-person work? They get to work “remotely”, I guess they ran out of the toxic PCR tests, vaccines and masks. The social security office has also been shuttered closed, since March of 2020! Why do federal employees get special privileges while the rest of us are being coerced or fired?


    1. It’s so sad and so apparent, we’re in a war of the elite vs the world (but the sheeple are so densely ignorant). Sad to see the masked guard saluting the elites, while they ignore him and laugh among themselves. Yuck.

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    1. Thank you my friend. Will there ever be a reckoning of all the laws they’re breaking via mandates?! I’ve got a week left before they try to fire me but I’m not giving in to tyranny. I’m am scared though to be honest. I wish I could get my child out of school and live in Mexico like Max Egan. I’m never letting them jab my child!

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      1. I think the reckoning will be a long time coming, if ever. We’ve seen too many countries fall into communism without it. The US is just the latest among many right now. I’m sorry about what you’re facing with the job thing. If I were in a better position, I would absolutely try to help in any way I could, but I’ll be facing the same battle soon as well. Complying is not an option given the circumstances. You’re doing the right thing.

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      2. Thank you! Very kind of you, the battle is on, and we’re holding the line. Compliance is not an option, they will keep taking until there’s nothing left to take. You’re also doing the right thing. Show them what we’re made of, sometimes the only way to see your strength is to have it tested. ❤️

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  1. Again the elitist mentality/attitude that they are above the law/rules and do as they please. Have you noticed on morning talk shows/news programs/most live events, no one is wearing a mask but they show the camera operators masked up.. the great fraud exposed daily. This has been going on for years now

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    1. Yes it makes no sense for the “workers” to only be masked other than to subliminally train us, reorient our brains to accept a class system. They also get caught only putting on masks when the cameras turn on, such a fraud.


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