Must-See Speech by Dr. Julie Ponesse: 10 Percent Can Turn the Tide ❤️

The best, most eloquent speech I’ve heard so far by a former ethics professor, Dr. Julie Ponesse who was terminated for not getting vaccinated. I wish I could present a transcript of Dr. Ponesse’s speech to my fascist employers. She explains with such logical clarity the situation we’re in. She sees non-compliance as an act of heroic resistance to tyranny. I completely agree! For all of you that are holding the line, thank you! God bless you and keep you healthy and financially secure:

“A vocal, noisy 10% is all it takes”

Dr. Julie Ponesse

I hope she’s right about this! I think we already have 10% awake dissenters, we just need to be more vocal? Dissenters are heroes scapegoated as ignorant, selfish murderers. Colleges desperately need educators with integrity like her but I think she’s a rarity in the higher education arena of wannabe socialists and self-professed marxists that encourage the elimination of freedom of thought and bodily autonomy.

God bless the truth and heroes like MVP of 2020, Aaron Rogers:

Less than 1% of vaccine induced injuries are reported, no long or short-term studies, no data but we’re mandating this poison to children as a school requirement? Dr. Linda Wastilla:

13,000 doctors signed a petition against vaccine mandates including the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Malone: I don’t trust Fox News btw, they’re controlled opposition too. They only give bits of truth, they serve to further divide us but I’m including this clip because some people will only believe information from corporate media.

Big Pharma companies were fined 13 billion for criminal offenses such as falsifying data:


  1. Yes, a vocal noisy 10% does make a difference and unfortunately either way. Just look at 2020’s BLM looting/burning/defund the police demands. Thankfully, though, it was a small percentage who fought the American Revolution and created a country of freedom that we’ve enjoyed and so many only hope for. (And we need to be the ones to retain it.)

    Will Big Pharma actually pay $13 Billion or appeal or negotiate a reduced penalty?

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    1. It really is time for the silent to speak up, no time left to be on the fence while they take our freedom away. If more people heard her speech, everywhere we would rise up I think. The sleeping masses need a big wake up call. We all need to unite to fight the real enemies.


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