Our Food Supply? 🤢🤮

Don’t watch these videos before a meal or you will throw up. I don’t know what the source was for the turkey video below but it’s one of the most disgusting things that I’ve seen so far. It looks like nano worms are alive and slithering long after the turkey died. It’s basically a zombie, is this what is happening inside the jabbed? Now with shedding from the jabbed and evidence of food tampering like this, what is safe for our consumption? Wtf is going on?!

No words for this🤮, MRNA in our food supply?:

Seizures caused by vax looks just like what was making the turkey carcass move:

Magnetic meat:

They can put vaccines in vegetables!:

Is this another form of hydra vulgaris?:


  1. Really scary things to think about. If they poison our food supply with all that MRNA stuff, we’re in trouble. Very few of us can forage for our own food, so we’re left with what society provides us. Another reason why being dependent on the system in order to live is a really bad idea.

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  2. They really want to inject mRNA into us, it seems.

    They want to change our humanity at all costs- change our DNA.

    Change us into something else- that they call Transhuman.

    But really into something non-human.

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  3. They’ve already created plant based burgers, now imagine the plant based products injected with the vaccine, who would know? That turkey creep me out 😳 who’s to say it hasn’t already started.😵🤢🤮

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    1. I don’t trust those plant based burgers, especially when those plants were genetically modified with animal DNA 🤢, what can we possibly eat if it’s in the vegetables? Yes that turkey was so gross, a biohazard nightmare🤢🤮


      1. I actually tried the impossible whopper and it felt heavier than a regular whopper, haven’t tried it since 🥴 omg, that turkey was spasming like it was coming back to life 😱🤢🤮

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      2. I just don’t trust whatever they say now, it doesn’t look like plants to me! I also wonder if organic is a scam to charge more money, some organic vegetables look gigantic, organic usually is small. That turkey was like a zombie! The footage wasn’t in focus but geez something was bubbling in it!


      3. First they tried soy based and now they are trying plant based. We are better off growing our own vegetables. You’re right, they overcharge for organic products.. It look liked lost scientific footage!

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      4. I agree growing your own food is best, in a greenhouse is ideal I think. Lots of ways of regrowing food from kitchen scraps too, I haven’t tried that but seems easy to do.


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