“You Can Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your Ass!”


You can stick your vaccine mandate up your ass😂🤣😂:

WHO whistleblower: (sorry I don’t know the names or source of this interview) but what she says makes a lot of sense, every Covid-19 variant is a just variant of the flu/common cold. Trying to cure Covid-19 is trying to cure the common cold/flu, impossible because it will always mutate. The good news is you have an immune system designed just for this, *uck the boosters.

“They’re creating a perpetual pandemic…eternal pandemic…to be in fear your whole life”

Excellent, brief history of Vaccines:

A compilation of testimonies of vax deaths in children: children were never at risk of death from covid, no parent should have to bury their child because of a vaccine!


      1. That’s what I’m wondering.

        The question in History classes used to be why did the German people go along with what Hitler and the Nazis did?

        Now I know the answer.

        Because the German people were as stupid and gullible as most people are today.

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      2. I totally agree. They socially conditioned most people to be obedient above all else, the virtue signaling is all they can understand. I bet the Germans thought they were doing something noble and justified, just like the “covidians” of today. Stupidity is dangerous. Mob mentality and conformity, not much has changed/evolved in human nature but there’s always a few who can see the truth and will fight for it.

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  1. Last summer when they were deciding if children should be vaccinated and they said children had growing immune systems that could fight off corona and now they forcing the jab on them. So crazy 😤

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  2. It really is still shocking how many people simply don’t want to hear about what’s really going on. So many people have already been murdered (like my mom) by the jab and by the extreme measures enacted on us. There’s no question in my mind that it’s a planned genocide, and it’s sad that it keeps rolling on ahead. I don’t think it’ll stop until the majority of people are gone. I can’t even imagine what life will be like when everyone’s gone.

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    1. I agree. How is it possible that people are asleep while the rest of the world is protesting? Russian roulette to hide the genocide and moronic variants to blame for the jab deaths. They won’t be counted as vaccinated if they died soon after. I bet they vaccinated my mom and she died soon after, she had cancer. I hope the vax lots were mostly saline, I don’t want Mad Max world.

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      1. I don’t want Mad Max world either but we both know there’s a good chance that’s exactly where we’re headed. I’m still shocked people can’t see what’s happening. It’s really crazy.

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