Predictive Programming: Maze Runner and Serenity + In 1985 Dr. Pierre Gilbert Predicted Vaccine Zombies + Poem: Apocalypse Craze (haiku in 11 variations)

A French Doctor predicted a vaccine induced zombie pandemic that’s triggered by magnetic frequency in 1985: how many coincidences equal facts?

Maze Runner and Serenity are two propaganda films with exactly the same warning. In both films, a man-made cure (for a virus or a health measure) mutates humans into cannibalistic zombies. The characters fight and die to get this information out to the public.

Maze Runner’s Flare virus: The highlight of this clip is at around 24:24, the analysis of the Flare Virus sounds exactly like Covid-19:

Serenity’s Pax virus:

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Apocalypse craze
I saw it in a dream maze
Horror Comedy

It’s all focusing
Prophesies and predictions
Life is but a dream.

Fated by design?
How did we get to this point?
We abandoned God.

We stole Love for Lust
Replaced God with tech-science
Narcissist culture.

We were groomed for this
All socially conditioned
Turned out and depraved

By silent airwaves
Sexualized property
Everywhere pedos

Dark web wealth elites
We made it easy on them
We enabled them

The magician’s trick
Is sympathy for d’evil
Original Sin

Falling for a lie
Cost Adam and Eve their lives
They were eternal

Subtle delusions
Grooming targets innocence
Garden of Eden.

That’s what’s led us here
Happy Christmas and New Year
Twenty Twenty Two.


  1. Excellent poem, Judy.

    Last night on YouTube, I discovered a 1963 Italian sci-fi comedy about a deceased factory worker whose body comes back to life after it’s inhabited by an alien.

    The name of the movie?


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    1. Thank you, Christopher.

      Omicron, the reanimation/possession of aliens sounds right on time for the agenda! 😵‍💫😈👽I think they’re highly amused with themselves.

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  2. I hadn’t heard about the plot for the new Bond movie, but I’m not surprised. At this point, the media could just come right out and spill the beans on the whole depopulation plan and most people would still remain ignorant and still beg for more jabs.

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  3. I Am Legend is another example, with a man made cure for cancer wiping out most of the human race.. I wonder what, if any neurological damage is being done because of the jab. 🤕🤑 Even in The Avengers Infinity War/End Game…Thanos believed that wiping out half of the human race would save it because of over population. 😵When it comes to the COVID statistics, who’s doing the counting and how are the numbers being updated so fast each day 🧐🤔

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    1. Yes I am Legend was a remake of the Omega Man, another pandemic apocalypse film. I truly think the jab at a making people confused and unable to reason. I think the Infinity Wars with Thanos was totally about Eugenics, which is about choosing who gets to live (elites) and who gets sterilized and killed (us). There’s something about sacrifice too, when Thanos sacrificed his adopted daughter to get his wish (final stone) reminded me of how the elites allegedly have to sacrifice a loved one to get fame/power. They slip the information into films I guess it amuses them. The covid stats are totally off I think, the PCR tests give false positives too, they don’t work! 😵‍💫😷🤑😴😞


      1. I remember the Omega Man, probably a better film. I believe all vaccines/prescription drugs/over the counter meds alter us in some way. The jab will definitely have it’s underlying affect. Thanos does represent that elitist/privileged mentality (do as I please and above the law). Yes, his sacrificing his adopted daughter was like the pagan sacrifices. I think all the Covid data is padded to back up the mandates and now booster jab. Yes, those PCR test are flawed also! We have to keep up fight it’s 😵🤡😷🤢🤑 for sure!

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      2. Omega Man always scared me, those white haired albino people! Yikes! It was cheesy but I think it was better than I am Legend. When I saw Infinity Wars I thought of Christian’s rapture at first but as the plandemic progressed it made me think they were planting predictive programming. If you look at the CDC death statistics from 2020, there were less deaths than 2019. I think Covid-19 had the same effect as the seasonal flu which kills mostly only elderly, vulnerable people who are already fighting other illnesses. All the stats of covid deaths had underlying causes like cancer etc, they admitted that only 6% of the official death count was actually due to Covid-19! The doctors received $$$ for every covid patient. But msm won’t tell that truth. The inventor of the PCR test said it shouldn’t be used to test for covid, it’s an AIDS test essentially. Also the inventor of MRNA Dr. Malone has repeatedly said these vaccines are dangerous. Total Media silence. 😞🤡🌎😈!


      3. I completely forgot about those albino people 😱 Infinity Wars had that rapture vibe and Endgame had that resurrection/second coming vibe. I can’t remember any talk of covid in 2019, especially at the end of the year. 2020 we went into the lockdown. COVID-19 hits people with health issues harder. 6% is a small percentage and it’s blown out of proportion. We will never get the truth from mainstream media outlets. Drs and pharmaceutical companies are in bed together. Dr. Malone and any other Dr/scientist,health care worker or citizen will not be allowed to be heard or taken seriously. NWO in effect 🤡🌎😈😵

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      4. I think there’s some literal hypnosis in media, I can’t understand otherwise. I always have been an outsider and I had bad experiences with western medicine, so it was easy for me to distrust big pharma. I think elites were getting scared about Epstein etc. so they launched their pre-prepared plandemic, a distraction from the real awakening of worldwide corruption. We still outnumber them but so many are 😵‍💫😵💀😷😴🥱🤑…


      5. You really have to look for rogue media outlets and reporters to get the truth. Western medicine is basically…relieve the symptoms to get you hooked/dependant on prescriptions without any healing actually taking place and then there are side affects 🤮. Epstein’s elite clientele and the names he could name, wow. The plandemic destraction and now the Russia/Ukraine distraction to turn our attention away from mandated vaccines. We just have to keep spreading the word to save/awaken those who are 😵🥺🥱😴🤧😷☠️

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      6. An antidote to the toxin is alt media, I think the war is against big pharma and corporate interests in politics, other deeper layers, Epstein was only a piece of the puzzle. Distractions via crisis to break the will. 😥😑🤤🥴


      7. You definitely have to go the alt route or you’ll be put back to sleep again following mainstream news 😴 Epstein was outed and sacrificed. Distractions to keep the grand illusion alive. 😷😴🤒🤒

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      8. I need to see the original Time Machine, I only saw a modern version with was a bit cheesy with Jeremy Irons as the pale villain, yes Interview with a Vampire totally they look so white bright ghoulish with red eyes!

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      9. You would find it interesting. I saw the modern version and it was decent, I liked Guy Pearce in this. Those red eyes seem to be the standard for the modern day Vampire.

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