“No One Cares, the Mandates are Killing Us”

Health and welfare hearing: “What side of history will you be on?” Doctors and nurses don’t even know what VAERS is, CDC admits only 1% of vax injuries get reported. Doctors are killing patients by withholding ivermectin and giving deadly Remdesivir (Fauci’s drug). This courageous nurse risked her career to speak out:

A woman in Australia lit herself on fire inside of her car. She was holding a sign that said,

“No one cares, the mandates are killing us”

She’s right. Did anyone hear about this story? No because msm will never admit that there’s a problem with mandates or lockdowns. Corporate media is about controlling people through fear tactics, the tragedy of a woman’s desperation and suicide aren’t important enough to make the news. I’m not sure if she died, in any case it’s horrible. She’s a martyr of this war.

Nuremberg 2.0, International Criminal Court:



Sometimes the only way to learn is through experience, the woman in the video below can at least admit to being wrong and she’s sharing the truth now. She used to think injuries were a conspiracy theory until her husband got heart inflammation after the first injection. They tried to force him to get a second dose! Did you know that doctors are threatened with investigation if they try to write a medical exemption!:

Social media censorship: TicTok took down her post after it went viral, (this is the same person from the last clip):

Everyday nurses and doctors need to speak out, never stop telling the truth this is the only way to beat this fraud:

Real not rare, is a new website devoted to injuries:

How many athletes will die or get heart disease before these shots are stopped?

There’s a phrase, “The whole world is watching”, my question is, but are the majority of people in the world asleep? Will they keep eating the endless lies? Moronic variants will keep coming. Will we allow fear of a lab-manipulated, common cold/flu, destroy our civilization? Is there still time for us to save ourselves?

Rona the red-spiked protein: 😷🤡🌎



  1. We shouldn’t be at all surprised that the suicide wasn’t reported by mainstream news. They are just reporting stats and vaccine mandates. Imagine if even 70% of the sheep were awaken, the government/controllers would have to change their stance. As long as they keep the whistleblowers and those who speak out to a minimum they can maintain the farce. Think about the younger generation and the future they face.

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    1. So sad, she should be remembered as a casualty of this silent war. If even 60% awakened I think we’d be ok because most go along with whatever is happening, the govt would find scapegoats to blame.


      1. Unfortunately, she’ll be a footnote in this silent war. Any number above 50% would make the noise louder and definitely they’ll have scapegoats ready to sacrifice.

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      2. Yes, so sad. Lighting oneself on fire isn’t important enough for corporate media. I think they all have blackmail on each other, no honor among thieves!


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