Bluetooth, Magnetism and Merry Fascist Christmas

These gnome paintings are from a local anonymous artist who adds these tiny 3×3 paintings to the end of telephone poles in Oakland, CA. It was sad to see that they made a masked version. What have we let them do to us?!

Interesting experiment that seems to indicate that the jabbed have been tagged:

Vax caused death and injury stats: 18,000 reported deaths (real estimate is 45,000 deaths because doctors rarely report to VAERS data), 30,000 vax injuries. I honestly think the figure is higher. Joe Rogan seemed cautious during this interview, I think he’s controlled opposition but at least the information is getting to a large, msm platform:

Pilots: Airline pilots are suddenly dying but it couldn’t be because of the death jab right? 🧐 In 2019 only 1 pilot died but in 2021 when the jab mandates were enforced, just in the month of July, 39 pilots died. Hmmm, I wonder why? These stats are from Airline Pilot magazine. The video clip below is from a Trump supporter, there’s much cognitive dissonance in that camp too. Trump is the one who got these death injections emergency approved, and he’s still promoting them. Why are anti-vax Trumpers still supporting him? 🧐😴😵‍💫🥲 (red or blue doesn’t care for you).

It’s beginning to look like fascist Christmas: she has a great singing voice, Julie Andrews would be proud, (I like Julie Andrews).


  1. I think Joe Rogan is controlled opposition, but you’re right that at least the information reaches a lot of viewers. So sad about the babies. This is an awful time for so many.

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    1. Yes they let a little truth leak out and give false hope. This is the strangest, most tragically insane time, they keep mentioning aliens on Fox News (more controlled opposition), I think that’s the next psyop.

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      1. They keep showing ufo footage now, I think they will present an Antichrist through the alien theme to being in one world religion. I think they’ve been working with alien tech for decades.

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  2. I was surprised at how subdued Joe Rogan was. The number of deaths in January alone was staggering. When he mention the Aryan thought process, it was something I hadn’t thought about. Perhaps the vaccinated are being tag or being given the mark of the beast unknowingly 😳 the condition of those babies is a worse fate than those where the mother was a drug addict. Are we headed for a fascist state or maybe a dictatorship?🧐🥺

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    1. I think so, the first video with the Bluetooth signals made sense to me. I saw another video where the person had the same numbers show up when a phone scanned their injection site. I think it’s a tracker/chip.


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