Weather Modification: Climate Change Deception

Have you noticed there’s been a lot of unusually heavy flooding this year? Did you know that the technology to make it rain is already possible? No this isn’t a conspiracy theory, this technology was allegedly developed in the 1950s, it’s not a new invention:

Creepy 1959 Disney film about cloud seeding:

Weather manipulation is very real. Do governments punish us with weather disasters?

Project Veritas flooded:

Project Veritas has been repeatedly attacked by corporate media, their office was flooded, James O’Keefe’s home was raided by the FBI over Ashley Biden’s diary, his cell phones were taken that exposed his anonymous contacts and sources. None of this was by accident. He’s battling all of them at once.

China worst flood in 1,000 yrs:

Warning very graphic footage:

Video about geo-engineering:

What about the recent tornadoes?:

As much as I dislike Alex Jones as controlled opposition, he does leak the truth:

Council on Foreign Relations:


  1. If they have the tectonic weapon (hypothetically) to create earthquakes, then I’m not surprised at the weather modifier. Just another way of population control and keeping the sheep from progressing. Disney was an insider for sure.

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    1. It’s sad how they use technology for destruction and deception, we should be more advanced in medicine and science for the health of us and the planet.


      1. I was thinking how we have all these scientific and technological geniuses and they spend billions on space travel, robotics and breakthroughs that don’t apply to the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. Very sad.

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