Poem: Sign of the Times: Part One: How Occultism is Normalized

From Muggler fashion show, the Black Goo inspired hair and S & M clothes, the faceless models and inverted cross are all ways to dehumanize and normalize occult ideology

How occultism, specifically Witchcraft and Satanism is indoctrinated in our society: We were all socially conditioned to think that fear is entertaining. We were taught to like Halloween, horror movies, monsters, haunted houses, ghost stories and the adrenaline rush of rollercoasters. Slowly we were taught to sympathize with wicked characters, they seemed to have more depth and intelligence then the predictively good characters. Social conditioning taught us that good was boring/weak and evil was interesting/powerful. There’s a cliche about the thrill of dating “bad boys/girls” because we secretly think they’re: sexy, godlike, superior and unattainable.

Gradually and imperceptibly vampires, demons and witches became our new misunderstood heroes. But that’s exactly what Luciferean doctrine is founded on; they believe that Satan was the rebellious liberator of mankind. They compare him to Prometheus, the Greek god who stole fire from the gods to give to man, the forbidden fruit is what Lucifereans continue to desire. They reverse Christian doctrines of selflessness and humility because to them selfishness and dominance are good, “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law” was satanic Aleister Crowley’s mantra, it’s the epitome of narcissism and it currently rules our self-obsessed, materialistic world.

By the time we’ve reached adulthood we’re over-saturated with behavior-modifying programming. We’re demoralized, over-sexualized, addicted: to porn, alcohol/drugs and television/internet/video games. We’re spiritually disconnected from God, ourselves, and nature. I think nature’s beauty reminds us of God’s creativity and love. When I was growing up children played outside for hours unsupervised, we explored woods and creeks, studied insects and collected rocks, we weren’t wired into the internet 24/7. There were no cellphones, tablets, laptops; we weren’t trackable. We were free beings. Convenience via technology deleted our bodily autonomy and spiritual freedom.

How did sorcery and conjuring become so mainstream? We’re no longer afraid of the macabre. We decorate our houses with skulls and gravestones with zombie hands reaching out of the ground to celebrate Sahain/Halloween. The FBI listed the satanic holidays when SRA sacrifices were performed, these things really happen. Everyday people (who don’t realize what their actually doing), now openly perform rituals, for luck, love, money, these rituals seem harmless but they’re not. Lucifereans/Freemasons/witches will always only show their “good side” first. This is what conditioning/grooming is, it’s a gradual form of hypnotism. We were all programmed with tv propaganda through shows like, “Bewitched”, “the Adams Family”, “Charmed”, films, “the Witches of Eastwick” and “the Wizard of Oz” just to name a few, those shows conditioned us to think there were “good witches” that used magic for good purposes. There’s no such thing as a good witch, good demon, good monster but children’s and adult literature is full of examples. In the library where I work there’s an entire section in the Young Adult/Teen area that’s devoted to vampires/zombies/demons/monsters, the decades of generational programming worked.

Alien Goddess perfume featuring Willow Smith:

Muggler fashion is very S & M and black goo inspired:

What is magic? Magic is about manipulation, invoking will as a form of power, controlling the outcome of events and the actions of people (which all goes against our God-given right to free-will). Magic is about illusion and deception, occultism promises power and God-like status but it comes at a great price. They’ve conditioned us to be attracted to magic, they force-fed us Disneyland’s propaganda of fairy wands and love potions but Magic isn’t the glittering, harmless exploration of fantasy and the rainbow-light of imagination that they present it as, it’s just how they seduce children into practicing it. Bread and circuses distractions work on children too. If you dress up Evil in sparking rainbows, most kids would innocently love whatever they’re selling. Marketing and packaging are their tools, they make a profit and degrade a soul all in one shot. They’re targeting our children’s innocence. In some schools did you know that they teach prepubescent children literal details about how to perform oral and anal sex as a part of their sex education? Our world is so fatally broken.

I found a horrifying story about two 11 and 12 year old girls who premeditated the ritual murder of their classmates. They waited in the bathroom with weapons for a small child to overpower. They wanted to drink the blood of their victims from a fancy blue goblet which looked like something out of the Harry Potter movies. JK Rowling like a pied piper, led the way for millions of children (and even adults) to the worship/idolization of a false Christ/Antichrist figure in Harry Potter. He could speak to snakes, he had a lightning bolt scar above his eye, (lightning and the eye of Horus are Luciferean symbols), he was telepathically linked to Voldemort. In the novels, Harry Potter sacrificed his life and saved the world, (not Jesus). These books were pushed onto children for a specific reason, to make magic and witchcraft seem heroic.

Two middle school girls, (self-professed devil worshippers) waited in the school bathroom with knives, scissors, pens and a goblet to murder, eat and drink the blood of their classmates:

The goth movement is a worship of nihilism and death.

In this Twix commercial, LGBTQ and witchcraft propaganda says it’s ok to kill bullies.

Satanic ritual clip accidentally played on corporate media: the first clip contains the footage, the second clip contains more information about satanic churches in Australia, they want to be able to teach satanic principles in schools!:

The Satanic documentary, “Hail Satan”, what a piece of crap. This is how devil worship is normalized as “activism”: https://youtu.be/s7RIJHNDVPc

Celebrities thanking their demonic sponsors is always presented as a joke, but what’s so funny about worshipping the deceiver and destroyer of humankind?: https://youtu.be/CyE6sr8OwNw

Possession is channeling (alter ego) it brings them a stronger vocal range and dancing abilities:

Beyoncé accused of witchcraft: https://youtu.be/HK9lydPs9PQ

In my neighborhood, someone was working on a mural on a van since before the pandemic shut down in 2020. At first it looked like a hippie van but then the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland characters were prominently added. Dorothy is depicted smoking a joint. The two films are classic MK Ultra triggers, I used to always wonder why Alice in Wonderland was so popular, why it was remade so many times. It triggers subliminal responses, it makes us “wonder” about reality. Both of those films were allegedly used to create split personalities and mental disassociation in MK Ultra experiments. Here’s what the van looks like:

The MK Ultra van and Whole Foods witchcraft propaganda…”Welcome to the Hotel California”

When I saw the artist I said, “MK Ultra” to her as she was painting the hood. She gave a wicked laugh as if to dismiss my comment but I’ve noticed that she still hasn’t finished working on it a few weeks later. All that’s left is for her to paint in the outlines of the cannabis leaf. Did I get to her? I hope I jolted her conscience awake. My local grocery store is Whole Foods/Amazon, they always have new agey, occult products in their beauty and clothing lines. The Illuminati designers aren’t very creative, they use the same old symbols, the Eye of Horus with rays of light shooting out and the OK/666 hand signal of success. The cringe worthy shirt might as well have read, “I’m an idiot” with the Illuminati eye displayed above.

Will I relocate from California, land of the slaves, home of the cowards? Probably. My religious exemption was denied for being “personal & political” although it was neither of those things. I’m waiting for my appeals decision but I know what it is. I realize now that trying to fight the politics here is stupid, and it’s best to just leave. I’ll be losing my retirement benefits, health insurance, income and all that I’ve emotionally invested and worked for these past 30 yrs. Fuck you, Gavin Newsom and fuck you, California for destroying my dreams and way of life. I will not comply.

Magic rebellion fantasy
half-bred human hybrids
misunderstood monsters
beasts celebrated
witches equal empowerment
narcissism vanity as good
androgyny baphomet normalized
manipulation of matter
power hungry immortality
Godhood psychotic entitlement.

All these occultic lies
have driven us insane
But most of us don’t know why
Mind spun on paganism
IT’s not harmless nature worship
is not what IT is
Paganism is claiming
God/Goddess status
Self-crowned luciferean
curse of Crowley

They’ve re-made the world into inferno
Do you know what those demons
are doing at CERN?
Opening up a Mirror universe,
portals to alien worlds
Never meant to be
Abominations mutated nephilim
Where demons, aliens, titans
Want out of their madhouse prisons
Raving Mad Demonologists
are conjuring
Stranger Things and Voldemort

God is truth and the devil is a liar
Repentance means realizing wrong
And turning away from IT
Sin is worshiping lies and deception
I was caught for most of my life
Believing in ethereal illusions
Rainbow illuminated confusion
magical celestial bullshit.

They trade away our divine inheritance For billionaire profits
They do it all for Godhood
fake immortality
siphoned through the torture chrome
But in the end God wins
Because love is the origin
of everything good returning
You don’t have to be blameless
You just have to believe and choose
the path of righteous justice
Act from your conscience
Try your best to follow Jesus’
Humble strength and perfection
Follow truth faithfully to redemption.

Coming up in Part Two: how to fight against the occult/spiritual warfare.


  1. I remember the days as a kid when I explored woods and creeks and studied insects and collected rocks.

    I’m thankful I grew up in a pre-Internet age.

    I think one of the reasons why today’s young people are so spaced out (that they call being “woke”) is because their minds have been affected and downgraded by the widespread use of wireless technology.

    If your phone is smart, you don’t have to be.

    It’s interesting how in the first video, the alleged goddess is following a transparent looking white lotus flower which when you look at it closely look like a bunch of hydro vulgaris kraken looking creatures all stuck together.

    Excellent poem with which you ended this post explaining how witchcraft and sorcery was made to look good when it is still in essence evil.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I think Gen x was the last free generation before the tech invasion.
      Yes the alien perfume commercial the lotus did look like the hydra vulgaris! Now I keep seeing it in symbolism along with the ever present black goo theme. I think children are groomed to follow the occult especially via Disney and the dolls look gothic/vampish now. Witchcraft is sold as empowerment but it’s wicked.

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  2. Satan has been establishing his kingdom on earth since he was cast out of heaven for his rebellion against God. He has been pushing his counterfeit religion and trying to draw as many as he can away from the the true gospel of Christ. You are so right about evil characters being portrayed as anti heroes.. Lucifer helping the police solve crimes 😳 I remember growing up with my friends playing outside during the summer and after school. Now… Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, cellphones, tablets are a child and adults best friend.
    That commercial for mugler with Willow Smith reminds me of the animated series Robotech: The Second Robotech War (The Masters) focuses on the arrival in Earth orbit of the Robotech Masters, who have come seeking what turns out to be the sole means in the universe of producing protoculture. Through a combination of mistrust and arrogance, their attempts at retrieving this meet with opposition from the humans and unleash a war that leaves the Masters defeated and Earth awash in the spores of a plant called the Flower of Life—the source of protoculture and a beacon to the mysterious Invid who scour the galaxy for its presence.
    This generation can easily be programmed with the mass amount of devices and content available.

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    1. I agree, Satanism is all about reversing what’s good, lies only contain half-truths. Good and evil have become confused in our upside down world on purpose. We were allowed freedom as children and things weren’t as corrupted as now. I miss those days. The Alien commercial made me think of how now we worship aliens, we’ve come so far from what’s natural and real about our lives, always looking for the “exotic”. That series sounds similar to the commercial, there was a creepy alien flower in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 also, where do the writers get their source of information? Elon Musk’s Neurolink is a direct link to a hive mind like the Borg of Star Trek 😵‍💫!


      1. I miss growing up and just letting my imagination run wild. It’s we (the world) is obsessed with alien technology or dna, like we’re trying to evolve into some God like status. I forgot about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, you’re right! Elon Musk is on another level of nuttiness. The Borg collective. Imagine us being link to one hive and used as drones with no free will or purpose 😵💫

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      2. Scary stuff, just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should! Guardians 2 had a creepy child abduction/trafficking theme too. Elon Musk is another Gates, Musk also stole the tech credit for Tesla, he wasn’t a founding creator. He pretends to be scared of robots but he creates them! 😵‍💫


      3. It is scary where the world is headed. Yes, Father wanted son to join him into activating the seedlings of himself across the universe. Musk actually looks at himself superior to Gates. 😵💫

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      4. All those dead bones! The alien insect creeped me out, she liked being insulted, very weird racist undertones I thought. Musk thinks highly of himself, he came from privilege of course, white rich family in South Africa.


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