Corona Playlist 😷🎶

Comedy is our last refuge for free speech, laughter is medicine and offers temporary stress relief, Merry Christmas Everyone ❄️☃️

A few new songs to add to the plandemic playlist: Spacebusters: “It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide…”


Fascist Christmas:



Killer Covid:

Shelter-in-place: When I watch these videos from 2020 our innocence is so very clear. We’re so trusting, so good-natured, so innocent, it makes me sad for all of us. None of us deserved what They did to our world. It feels like a lifetime of change has happened since March 2020:

Staying Inside:

I want to know what day it is:

A Dr. Seuss parody:

I think one of the most difficult aspects of this plandemic is the mental social isolation, feeling like you’re the only one who’s unvaxxed and awake. You’re not alone, you’re not crazy; you’re brave and you’re on the right side of history.

Stay true, stay strong, stay warm ☃️❄️❤️


    1. Merry Christmas, Christopher. ❄️☃️🙏💝, the Dr. Seuss was a cherry on top because he was banned by PC culture for being racist. Oh the places we’ll go!! The irony!

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  1. Thanks for all the tunes Judy! Know that you are not alone, there are a lot of us unvaxxed, awake people out there. We’re all just scattered to the wind right now. Hope you have a good weekend!

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    1. You’re welcome Crandew! Thank you for the reassurance, we are still holding the line from invisible barracks I suppose! Im starting to think we need to reorganize. I hope you have a good weekend too my friend.

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      1. Thanks. I’ve been trying to decide what I want to do for next year. I may drop my daily posts dramatically, but I haven’t decided yet. We’re in for tough times soon, tougher than already. Sorry about your job thing, life is very cruel and unfair right now.

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  2. I love the playlist you’ve compiled here Judy. Especially the Dr. Seuss book. Sums it up, hits home, very clever. I liked the Killer Covid video, a strong, hopeful and encouraging song and really catchy. The Foreigner parody is so true. I think the confusion and forgetting things is deliberate, a designed amnesia. I think from now on, confusion is for life, not just for Christmas.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I like how people are finding creative ways to express what’s going on, humor can be more approachable than anger but both reactions are understandable. The persistence of the coercion ironically fit with the Dr. Seuss book. Killer Covid was catchy I agree. There’s 2 parodies of Foreigner haha they’re popular to parody :), but the song, I want to know what day it is, made me nostalgic for an old school family life that included dressing up for church, I thought it was rare and sweet. So true, the confusion is normal now, and it’s how they control us. But til the end we’re going to fight!

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