Casualties of War: Terminated (videos + haikus: Nurse Dover & Mandates are Murder)

Tiffany Dover the nurse who fainted on live tv after receiving the death jab actually died that same day. Corporate media covered it up but it’s confirmed on, her husband is listed, and all the other data matches.

December 17th the day of her shot/death was the first day of Saturnalia (a Roman pagan festival of debauchery and ritual sacrifice that honored Saturn/Cronos/Satan).

Nurse Dover: (haiku in 4 variations)

Nurse Dover is dead
On December seventeenth
She was sacrificed.

Tele-vision Live
Posed like a Homecoming Queen
She had pretty eyes.

Pricked by a spindle
Collapsed like Sleeping Beauty
Stung with a needle

Covered up her death
They said she often fainted
Coffin shut, case closed.

The Terminated, a small collection of brief but powerful testimonies from nurses who were fired for non-compliance:

Suicided, the second person in Australia to set themselves on fire because of the mandates:

Mandates are Murder: (haiku in 4 variations)

Mandates make no sense 
Coercion isn’t freedom
What’s happened to us?

Spreading covid scams
Fascists pretending to care
Mandates make profits

Seizures, heart attacks, collapse,
Blood clots, Bell’s Palsy

Death shot sacrifice
We’re not in this together
Mandates are murder.

Guillotine or noose, or better yet lethal injection would be karmic justice:

A tiny bit of comic relief, a Mayor in a Brazilian town got beat up for promoting a vax mandate:

Please spread information to all who will listen, I still believe we can win this war.


  1. Your haiku about Nurse Tiffany Dover reads like a classic Greek tragedy that had been penned by Aeschylus.

    Sad, tragic but brilliant and powerfully written.

    I love the last line of your 2nd haiku, “Mandates are murder.”

    Sums it up so well.

    Yes, the genocidal criminals can die by lethal injection- a taste of their own medicine- combinations of two doses of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson and the next three dozen booster shots all at once given from a small bottle bearing the label, “We’re all in this together.”

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  2. Cover ups are a specialty. Throw a lot of supposed facted based truths out there to confuse the conspiracy theories until you don’t know what to believe. Your haikus are awesome and that Brazilian mayor video made me laugh hard (I was imagining the people getting there hands on old uncle Joe.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester. And I agree, I think the more confusion they add, the more we can’t fight back. Where are the real enemies? Many conspiracy theories have half truths to discredit the whole information on purpose. The Brazilian mayor clip made me laugh too! They kicked him him the butt haha! If only it was ole Joe!


  3. Whew! When will the travesties stop? When will the power of the common sensed people take over? With all of the accepted lawlessness in our country now, the Brazilian approach may be the only one to stop the nonsense…

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    1. I agree WG, the Brazilian method seems effective and to the point :). The Brazilian President is a brave man who’s been fighting against the narrative. He was recently hospitalized I hope he ok, they find ways to make dissidents sick, even suicided.


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