Soylent Green 2022

The storyline of “Soylent Green” was set in 2022! 🥺 here’s the film:

I love Bitchute for keeping truth and free speech alive. This is my first viewing of this sci-fi cult classic.🤔 The actor, Charlton Heston was in the dystopian, “Planet of the Apes” and “Omega Man” films. He was in “The Ten Commandments” too. He was an active member of the NRA, known for being a conservative gun advocate. Do you think he knew something corrupt was going on within government? 🧐

“Cloud Atlas” now seems like a direct remake of “Soylent Green”. On a predictive programming level, many of the poor people were wearing masks, had curfews and were rioting over food shortages 😥😵‍💫. Warning, Heston’s character, Torch is so macho it’s painful 😑 haha! he’s worse than James Bond but it validates the sexist socialization of the 1970s, the Playboy culture which objectified women and normalized using women as prostitutes. Prostitution is now rebranded as radical feminism. The social conditioning succeeded.

“Shut the fuck up!” the little angel said 😇:

“Bitch, I already own that carrot!”

“We’re the punchline”

946,000 severely injured or killed by the vax in the UK:

The ignored facts:


  1. Great videos Judy! “There’s your poke, there’s your jab! The only difference is it won’t make your face fall off!” – Priceless

    I’ve always liked Charlton Heston. It’s been a while but I’ve seen a bunch of his dystopian movies. The original POTA is still a favorite.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! People are getting real in the videos I’m glad to see intelligent people using humor to get the message out. Soylent Green was much deeper than I expected after watching it twice, more appreciation for it on the second viewing. I want to watch POTA again, it’s been awhile. I first saw it when I was a child, it scared me. My brother had the comic book too which I read.

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      1. I’ve liked POTA since I was a kid. It moves a bit slow but the story always appealed to me. I like Soylent Green too, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. Def on my list now since you brought it up.

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  2. I remember my best friend in High School was an avid science-fction fan and Soylent Green was one of his favourite movies.

    I had no idea that the movie was set in 2022 and the world in the film actually resembles what our world is rapidly becoming.

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    1. It’s bizarre how They planted the seeds for their dystopian globalism so far ahead and with such precise hidden clues. I guess it could all be coincidental but highly unlikely. Soylent Green does resemble our present day, the loss of freedom and our humanity. Food shortages will most likely cause riots, it’s already happened in Africa. It’s become a police state in Australia especially but everywhere worldwide fascists rule with mandates. I expected this in 2012 not 2022.

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      1. I imagine they were planning it for 2012 but something must have thrown a kink in their plans.

        Possibly the failure of the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton inspired so-called “Arab Spring” in which they were hoping to get the Arab countries in line with the New World Order agenda.

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