Predictive Programming: The Space Needle New Year’s Eve 2021 & 2022

The 2021 New Year light show was all about the corona virus and Transhumanism in retrospect it’s crystal clear, the link below has the best quality video (but in case it doesn’t play on YouTube I’m linking a Bitchute copy also).

This is a duplicate of the 2021 NYE Space Needle footage:

This year’s 2022 show was less obvious but still had strange symbolism. It showed the planet Saturn which represents Satan/Cronos the child killer and showed the space “needle” going into a portal or a celestial body:

Edit: I accidentally deleted the photo collaged images that I created from the hologram show 😭! My brain is tired.


    1. The 2022 show seemed comparatively amateurish, comical with the athletic balls as viruses, the vax seems to have worked on dumbing us down. The 2021 show, I can’t believe I missed that one.

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