Indoctornation & Dead QAnons

“Through accredited scientific studies, every major claim made within the PLANDEMIC series has been validated as accurate. PLANDEMIC is now being acknowledged for being among the first to warn the world of the agenda to reduce the liberties of citizens through medical tyranny.

Though we had no intention of receiving awards for this series, we are honored to have won the European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, as it displays an encouraging shift in public awareness and courage.

Plandemic part 2, Indoctornation: God bless and protect Dr. Judy Mikovits she sacrificed her career and way of life to get this truth out. Dr. David Martin is also in this documentary:

Plandemic part 1:

Famous QAnons are dying of covid and I find it highly suspicious:

“…supporters have started to allege that the dead QAnon figures are being murdered, either because they were refused internet folk remedies like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, or because they were killed by the deep-state…

“…Steele had been “forced” onto a ventilator and was refused access to hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug touted by conspiracy theorists as a cure for COVID.”

“…Kuzma was in desperate need of prayers and had been sedated on a ventilator.”

QAnon is a PsyOp: By the way, I’m not a QAnon, I’m a truther. The truth movement existed long before Q highjacked it. I briefly had a glimmer of hope that there were “white hats” in government but I no longer feel that way. The information leaked by Q was simultaneously relevant and misleading. QAnons think that Guantanamo is full of pedophilic politicians and celebrities, they also think many have been executed. It makes no sense to me at all. Q sabotaged Truthers by discrediting the movement with Guantanamo Bay execution stories and lulled the patriots into complacency.

What will they do when they realize that Trump is not their savior? I first thought Trump was a pompous buffoon, then because of Q, I thought he was a political outsider fighting the Cabal. But his puppet status was re-confirmed when he didn’t pardon Assange, didn’t defend the capitol protestors, and now he’s promoting the death vax as the greatest thing in history. My first impression was right, he’s an asshole. JFK Jr is dead or hanging out with Elvis but he’s not going to save the world with Donald Trump!


  1. That’s wonderful news that Plandemic won the European Independent Film Award For Best Documentary.

    Slowly the truth is being acknowledged.

    RFK Jr. wrote an article in which he said Trump met him in 2016 and said he’d appoint a commission to investigate what Big Pharma was putting in the vaccines.

    Then when he became President, he didn’t.

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  2. Great videos Judy. I don’t see how anyone can mistake what’s going on or call it a conspiracy theory. It’s so obvious. Also, I really like Dr. David Martin. That guy is a really good speaker.

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