Documentary: The Men Who Killed Kennedy

JFK’s speech about the dangers of secret societies and the role of press. The term “conspiracy theory” was created by the CIA to discredit and silence researchers of truth. It’s a loaded word that’s used like profanity. I think it’s like calling an Asian person a chink or a gook, it means nothing. Sticks and stones.

A fascinating and thorough documentary with eyewitness interviews: This is the most detailed investigation into JFK’s murder that I’ve ever seen. I think his death was a coordinated assassination: involving the CIA, the mob and local law enforcement. The way it was covered up says so much about how the US government was and still is run. 9/11 is another example.

JFK was against secret societies, was that why they murdered him?

Part One:

Part Two:

If They can get away with killing the President of the United States, They can get away with anything.



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