Poem: God’s Warriors (haiku in 2 variations), RIP Brandy Vaughan, Controlled Opposition is Another Form of Propaganda

Controlled Opposition: Project Veritas, Dr. David Martin and Tim Pool: This news is very disheartening. I saw Project Veritas as a beacon of hope for true journalism but these researchers give credible reasons why they most probably work for the Rothschilds. They also think Dr. David Martin and Tim Poole are there to redirect the narrative, (Monoclonal therapy is toxic too).

Because that’s what controlled opposition does, you think they’re giving you the whole shebang and they don’t. They’re protecting their folks…”

“There’s no one on YouTube that has visibility that isn’t a shill…Anyone that’s a threat to them is not on YouTube…they’re all playing games.

So who can we trust now? I guess the answer is you can only trust yourself. They’ve succeeded in dividing us further. Look for inconsistencies, research from many different sources and I always think the more polished and sophisticated the presentation is, the more likely that the source is a paid shill. I include Salty Cracker with this group of fake truthers, (he has a freemasonic tattoo of a double headed eagle on his arm but it’s just a coincidence).

Don’t go to the big rallies, it’s a trap for Patriots and the unvaccinated to be either arrested, framed or poisoned with bio weapons. Go to local rallies, don’t go to the one in DC. Several QAnon truthers were killed with “covid” by being forced on respirators after attending conservative rallies. https://seoulsister.blog/2022/01/09/indoctornation-dead-qanons/

Suspicious death of a Big Pharma whistleblower:

“You are the army…we haven’t been loud enough…Don’t expect someone else to do it for you.”

RIP Brandy Vaughan ❤️🙏 your death was not in vain. Your message is powerful and has not been silenced.
Good versus evil
We can’t wait for someone else
Time to take a stand.

It’s us against Them.
Truth over deceptive lies
We’re God’s warriors.

There’s a wealth of knowledge on the site that Brandy Vaughan created. She’s an amazing woman that fulfilled her life mission with honors! We are God’s warriors in earth, we form the body of Christ. We are God’s hands.




  1. Really bummed to hear about Project Veritas, but I’m not surprised. It’s probably true (unfortunately). We have to believe in ourselves. There are good people out there who want to fight back, it’s just a question of figuring out how.

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      1. Liability ensures that companies adhere to safety guidelines. Our food and drinks are labelled with every single ingredient,
        yet not one ingredient is available for a much more invasive consumer product. At the end of the day, that’s all it is, a consumer product being masqueraded as a medical necessity.

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      2. Well said! How can they get away with hiding the ingredients? Every other product has to, but not “emergency use medicine”? How can they get away with using us as the human lab rats? The animal studies were stopped after all the animals died.

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