Sign of the Times: Part Two: Occult Symbolism is Everywhere

The artwork at Pfizer headquarters, occult symbolism to represent what they are aligned with?:

These creeps are such fools, they can’t resist flashing their allegiances. No wonder the PCR test reminded me of the Egyptian embalming procedure where the brain was pulled out through the nostrils.

What does Aleister Crowley, witchcraft/lucifereanism, W.H.O. and Big Pharma have in common? Sorcery, deception, death.


The biohazard symbol looks like a pagan symbol and the Sony pedo spiral (coiled green snake) and a Clinton “charity”/trafficking scheme, looks like barbed wire to me not a flying dove.
(Top images) Astanga, Kazakhstan (where the people recently revolted against their government) is full of Illuminati symbolism, corporate media won’t report on the revolution happening there, (middle images) George Washington was a Freemason—his statue was posed in the “as above so below” baphomet pose, DC looks like the occult owl that they worship, there’s a huge owl statue at Bohemian Grove, (bottom images) Australia has a hidden inner pyramid under the outlined one, the Washington monument is an Egyptian obelisk, these are just a few examples, every major city displays occultism.
Elites glorify the fall of man by using the forbidden fruit image to promote their products. Interesting how the pagan symbol for mother is an apple.


  1. Thank you for posting all these photos of occultic symbols, Judy.

    I’ll be able to use this page as a reference point.

    I too thought the PCR nostril test was like the ancient Egyptian embalming procedure for mummies.

    I found that fascinating all the Egyptian occultic symbols they have down at Pfizer headquarters.

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    1. They’re so blatant with their symbolism and it’s going to be their downfall. Sheep are stupid but might eventually start to see what’s up.

      Those nasal rape tests also remind me of lobotomies. No wonder the sheep have brain fog and can’t smell anymore.

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