Is This the World We Want?

9yr old arrested at a museum in New York over the jab mandate: How can this be right?!

What evil people are doing to others, they will eventually do to all of us, picking us off one-by-one. We have to stand together undivided, it’s the only way out of this mess.

Another child murdered by the death vax because he wanted to play hockey:

There are no coincidences:

The psychology of Stockholm Syndrome: Dr.Lee Merritt and Dr. Mark Macdonald give much needed clarity about why people are complying, fear is a powerful motivator and we’ve become addicted to it during this plandemic. This video has commercials which you can fast forward through but the entire podcast is worth watching until the end.

“You can’t fool people that live in the real world”

Dr. Lee Merritt

Powerful statement of peaceful resistance, a call to action to all police and military to join with the people in Australia. I don’t write these doom and gloom posts to get attention, I’m writing because I’m desperate for change. Please spread the message. We are at WAR with an enemy within:


    1. I agree, I’m very wary of hoping too soon, been disappointed these last 2 years with crushed hope. I did like how they explained the phenomena of compliance, it’s all fear brainwashing, trying to survive through obedience. Sad!

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  1. You can almost call it systematic start with the elderly, then the children and then the poor an underprivileged. They do it on a global scale and blame it on the pandemic. The world is in a vacuum right now.

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    1. Yes the elites openly did this before too they called it eugenics and the Nazis were inspired by it. The elites think we’re all useless and they think they can get away with their scam again but I think maybe this time they got caught because of technology, our ability to communicate with each other is a strength. I’m worried that they’ll get desperate and unleash a deadly bio weapon for real, and the previous shots were designed to weaken our immune system. Have to get healthy. I saw a video that suggested that ivermectin can damage nano technology. That’s probably why they villainized it. It’s cheap and safe, anti parasitic.


      1. If they can find a way to get away with it, they will but like you said, we have so many ways to communicate and cannot be isolated. I looked up ivermectin, believe me if there is the slightest chance this could help, if they can’t monopolize it then they will discredit it. 🤑👿😵

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