Poem: The Virus of Ignorance

I verbally obliterated a privileged mom 
I went full “Karen-mode”
stepped out of my lane
a middle-aged warrior
with my words as swords

at the pretentious
Whole Foods grocery store
in Satanic Hotel California
the liberal mecca for God-haters,
Nihilists and Covidiots galore.

I shot arrows of war at her
for being a psychologically wicked dick
Yes women can also be pricks
making her child cognitively sick
by normalizing the macabre.

She was wearing a freakish
photo-realistic mask
a bloody, red-lipsticked, vampire grin
boney white fangs dripping onto her chin
with glazed droplets of gore.

I looked into her baby’s blue eyes
all I saw in her was helpless
surprise and innocence.
She looked at me as if mesmerized
with her sweet nearly-bald head
and peach fuzz hair sticking out like sprouts.

She stared at me with wonder
She was 6 months old at most
brought into this broken world
to be raised by a wolfish jerk.

My tirade:
“Why are you wearing that grotesque mask?”
“You’re teaching your baby to see you as a monster!”
“Her brain is rapidly developing
but you’re teaching her horror!”
“Babies need to see normal faces!
What’s wrong with you?”
“You’re disgusting!”

She answered with horns coming out
of her glazed psychotic eyes
lost in a zombie vampire predator stare
spiritually void a vessel
for demons to gorge
It was obvious she didn’t care.

Then another zombie nearby
who thought the mask was “funny”
debated with me to defend
the psychopath’s honor
desensitized to the horror
of normalizing terror.

Fucking California!
I need to leave this hell hole pit
Before I go ballistic on another nitwit.
Stupidest braindead shits on earth!
This asshole place is forever cursed
with self-righteous ignorance.
They fight to the death
for their right to choose slavery!

A bumbling security guard tried to kick me out
for causing a disruption to the status quo.
I laughed and called him a nazi-slave
as I left the Sodom and Gomorrah store.

Is it my business to judge and scold psychos?
Probably not, but Someone has to
state the truth sometimes
Ignorance is never an excuse for abuse.

When I see people hitting their dog
I shout at them just the same
Abuse isn’t only physical
It’s mental and emotional too.
Abuse is a virus of ignorance.
The mask looked similar to the vampire mask on the bottom left corner but the skin was flesh colored and blended in perfectly with no borders. A baby wouldn’t be able to know it was a mask. Everyday is Halloween for psychos.


  1. Again, another case of demonic influence conditioning to seem as something normal. Babies up to even teen brains are being influenced and their behavior and beliefs formed in those years. These mask designs are basically horror movie advertising. More power and strength to you for standing up for righteousness and goodness. As long as Satan has his way, ignorance will be bliss. Take care, Judy 🙏🏽❤️

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester 🙏❤️. I keep seeing the glamorizing of horror everywhere and it really gets me upset. I used to think it was harmless, pop culture but it’s not. We’ve gone so far away from what’s natural and good, it makes me angry but really sadness is underneath my ranting.


      1. You’re very welcome 🙏🏽❤️ we’ve become desensitized because horror films are such a box office draw and the constant media reporting of violent events. It’s a sad state but we have to keep fighting to break the brainwashing.

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      2. I think we went to extremes, bored with the simple, beautiful things now that’s corny. I hope we can return to our natural state of goodness, 🙏❤️ I truly believe we’re from goodness/God. The brainwashing is all lies to steal away our natural innocence.


  2. Bravo, Judy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    You did the right thing.

    Wearing a mask like that in the presence of a baby, one has to be a sick psycho.

    And that zombie defender of Psycho Mom isn’t much better.

    And as for the bumbling security guard, he wasn’t stupid enough to be accepted by the LAPD.

    California seems to be a place where stupidity and evil go hand in hand.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher ❤️🙏. California is a wasteland of foolishness, it’s heavily Indoctrinated with new age/occultism I think it’s the new Sodom and Gomorrah. Drag Queen Storytime at California libraries says it all. 🤡🌎😵‍💫

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      1. I remember when I came back to Alberta from Vancouver in 2016 and paid a visit to the Calgary Public Library to use their computers, I was stunned to see drag queens reading storybooks to children.

        And my first thought was “What the Hell has happened to my province the 4 years I’ve been away?”.

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  3. Loving this poem. you really have a way with words Judy. So dramatic and vivid and descriptive. I can see it play out in my mind’s eye. It’s admirable that you stand up for what’s right. It’s difficult enough growing up in this world of horror, without parents impressing it forcefully on their children. I also used to think it was harmless pop culture, but it’s actually spiritually powerful and has far reaching consequences. It’s insidious. Gets under ths skin.

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    1. Thank you very much Sue. I’ve never been told to leave a grocery store before, I’m becoming more of a badass as I become middle aged ha! I used to think that horror was just a silly part of pop culture, I wasn’t into it but I thought it was harmless but now I see how they keep pushing it onto us, especially children through films, games, books too. It keeps getting more realistic and I think it has a numbing/desensitizing effect or worse some people seems to glorify it and they build their personality around nihilism. I miss the days when vampires were seen as evil not funny or heroic.

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      1. Thank you for understanding my intention! It’s was so strange and darkly humorous in a bizzare way. I think all of the restrictions and insanity has brought out my Amazon side, they don’t expect me to be outspoken because I look meek/shy :).

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