Hope: Senator Ron Johnson’s A Second Opinion Panel Discussion & Ivermectin Might Destroy Nano! 🙏❤️

Covid 19, a second opinion, Senator Ron Johnson’s panel discussion on January 24, 2022. Media blackout on the most important issue of our lives, (including controlled opposition, Fox News), only OAN broadcast this conference:

Highlights of the discussion:

Ivermectin can kill the nano?:

Stew Peters interview with attorney, Thomas Renz:


  1. The mainstream media are trying their best to censor and control the narrative but they’re failing.

    Most people when they wake up from plandemic formative psychosis no longer believe a thing the mainstream media say anymore.

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    1. I hope they wake up soon before the evil ones unleash a real pandemic, as they did with event 201, dark winter is a smallpox outbreak scenario they did years ago. People are waking but ever so slowly, but then again I’m in commie CA.

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