Poem: the Big Guy and his Crackhead Son + another version of Abcdefu

Every time I see his squinty face
I see disgrace how he’s murdering America.
Every time he shouts into a mic
Or runs up the stairs and falls on his face
Why is this geriatric moron so hyper?
Trying to display virility vs senility
but failing miserably.
Every time I wish someone would
Pie him in his comatose face
but it’s not worth the jail time
locked up for years
like the Capital rioters.

I think what triggers me the most
is his condescending racism
“Poor kids are just as bright
as white kids..”
hypocrisy plagiarism sexism greed
I believe Tara Reid
but nobody’s listening.
They’d rather believe
the words of an incoherent mumbler
bumbling and fumbling
every deal and policy
He can’t even get
the quotes that he steals correctly
“All men and women are created…You know…you know—-the thing!”

The President of the United States
is an airhead puppet of the Woke
Obama knows he’s a frontman joke
he’s the one pulling his strings.

Dumb and Dumber
like father like son
spoiled fruit from rotten seed
The Big Guy and his drugged out chum
Porno-sex-addicted, Hunter
videotaping his narcissism
his paid sex escapades with underaged slaves
and his drug-addled obsessions.
How many laptops can an elitist lose?
Rich ole boy’s playboy son.

Finger Lakes tattooed on his back
like a Monster drink clawed logo
Satan Falls and Rosemont Seneca
hunting grounds subterranean?
I wouldn’t be surprised at all
but you should look it up
although Google’s censored it
like Frazzledrip
(don’t look that one up
unless you want to throw up).
Like father like son
Spoiled, self-entitled, stupid
silver-spooned psychotic.

“I love working for Oba..Biden.”


We desperately need new leadership. Within a year look how much has changed for the worse, under Biden’s reign: inflation, border surge, Americans stranded/terrorists funded and now we’re being fired for not complying to medical tyranny. I think the forced vaccinations were always part of the Build Back Better plan.

They gave me my long-awaited, termination papers last Wednesday for “gross misconduct and insubordination” aka not complying with the Russian roulette death jab and the toxic, useless PCR tests, (I offered to do saline tests which they refused to offer as an alternative). I’m not surprised, I’m just disgusted with California, and politicians. Fuck Gavin Newsom. Fuck the City of Oakland’s HR Risk and Management. Fuck Oakland Public Library. Fuck Joe Biden.

They’re coming for the children of California with a new bill that disallows exemptions from the death injections for school children aged 12+, stating that the mandated death shots will protect the children. Stupidity is at its highest level, the brain dead senator, Dr. Richard Pan is a pediatrician with two school aged children. He says that children are afraid to attend in-person learning unless everyone is death jabbed. Will he learn the hard way that what he’s doing will destroy the lives of millions of children? Will he blame their permanent injuries and deaths on the unvaccinated? His bill also gives children 12+ the authority to get vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent and it takes away vaccine exemptions. I bet the fool will never understand that he’s an accomplice to mass murder, or maybe I’m the real fool assuming that this maniac doesn’t know what he’s doing. https://www.timesheraldonline.com/2022/01/24/bill-would-nix-school-covid-vaccine-mandate-exemption/


  1. Sorry to hear about your termination, Judy.

    I suspect this Dr. Richard Pan knows what he’s doing.

    He’s evil like many doctors have become in the modern world.

    I suspect the 1990s movie title Dumb and Dumber was a predictive programming title for the stages of the Joe Biden Presidency.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your job thing. That really sucks and they are beyond evil for doing that to you. I know it doesn’t help, but in a few years there probably won’t be jobs or even a country left. Retirement was never gong to happen for people Gen X age and under.

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    1. Thank you. They couldn’t let me get away with speaking truth to power. I think it’s going to martial law soon. One more big crisis that they create whether it’s smallpox or fake aliens they’ll create panic which leads to our slavery. Lord of the Rings time.

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  3. Granpa Joe is in an out of dementia and still doesn’t have a coherent thought. They are descendants of the people from Sodom and Gomorrah…
    It is a shame that this has become a “get vaccinated or else” society and then not willing to compromise how you get tested. I am sorry you lost your job but I support you 💯% in standing up for yourself as a human being.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester ❤️🙏 I’m grateful for your support my friend. I’ve been hiding out, feels weird to be fired. I think the world is at a precarious tipping point and it can go either way but in the end God wins so that’s the beacon, light at the end of all this struggle.

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      1. You’re very welcome, Judy 🙏🏽❤️. We already have the victory, we just need to keep our eyes on God and not allow the madness to make us doubt. Stay strong, my friend.

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  4. God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe (mostly from the sheeple and legislative nuts; they seem far more dangerous than the un-vaxed as they’d like us to believe). So sorry you have to endure the trauma of living in CA. Libraries use to be places of information. Sadly, it seems the ones in CA are greatly mis-informed. I continue praying a door will open to welcome you in. Your employer didn’t deserve a courageous, common sensed person like you.

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    1. Thank you, WG. The plan is to move to Texas now. We just want freedom, to live, work and go to school without mandates. I’m still processing what my employer did, I think it was illegal. They didn’t have to humiliate me by making me leave mid-shift. All I did was complain and not comply with their death jab. They didn’t want to honor my religious beliefs, so they fired me for complaining about the lack of managerial support, toxic culture and safety issues at work.

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      1. Hugely their loss, Seoul Sister. Yes, what they did was illegal, especially since non healthcare worker mandates are not legal. No tears here for them and their deception (in so many ways). At least TX is closer for your move. Wishing you much joy in your new locale to be free to live, work and go to school without mandates! Best of luck to you —

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  5. So sorry this happened to you Judy. You’re very courageous for standing up to these evil people.
    I’m hoping and praying your move to Texas will be very soon. CA sounds just awful.

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    1. Thank you Sue. We’re planning on leaving this summer, I’d like to leave asap but my sons dad has tons of things, difficult to coordinate a move. I’m hoping to buy a little house/property and move forward in life. None of those things are possible in crazy CA but maybe in Texas. I honestly feel depressed but have to keep thinking things will be better.

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      1. I’m sorry you’re feeling depressed. It’s good news that you might be out of there by summer. You’re moving on, literally, and change can be really good. A new start. Hold on in there!

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