The Time-loop of Predictive Programming: The Chicken is the Egg

I’ve posted about the predictive programming film, 12 Monkeys before comparing it’s storyline to the corona virus pandemic but in the last few months life events are echoing the film in a very disturbing way.

November 2021, corporate media reported that small pox vials were found in the back of a refrigerator at a research lab in Pennsylvania. We were assured to not worry about the incident. I’ve noticed that MSM shows the public what they want us to see strategically, they give us truth in tiny doses to keep their credibility minimally intact.

“NBC Philadelphia reported that the vials were found at a Merck facility in Montgomery County, about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Only two facilities in the world are supposed to have doses of the virus: CDC’s Atlanta headquarters and a Russian lab.”

1/21/2022 Truckload of lab monkeys crash in PA. The outrageousness of a truckload full of lab monkeys, crashing on the highway is a ridiculous premise straight from a Hollywood film.

“I stick my finger in there and go—Kitty, Kitty and it pops it’s head up and it’s a monkey!”

Michele Fallon (the woman who stuck her finger in a lab monkey crate to pet a non-existent cat in the middle of a freeway crash site).

The absurdity of the woman in the interview who left her car in the middle of a highway to pet “cats” at the crash site is a classic, predictable first victim scene from a sci-if horror film. She got pink eye and a cough after exposure, just like the dead victims of another monkey pox. 🤔 Is she a crisis actor or is she completely brain dead?

I don’t believe this crash was accidental, (if it actually happened). They allegedly caught and euthanized all 3 of the escaped monkeys, but perhaps a few mischievous monkeys managed to bite a deer or pangolin during their adventure? Her naïveté reminds me of a death scene from “Prometheus”, (warning: graphic cinematic violence)…here kitty, kitty 🤡🌎!

12 Monkeys and the Crown’s virus:

Terry Gillian’s full-length film, “12 Monkeys” : (fair use for educational purposes):

Parallels and Symbolism: monkeys, bats, viruses, transhumanism and pyramids:

“Happy people across the world made extra cash quickly with the Magic Pyramid”

Terry Gilliam (screenshot of a newspaper heading from “12 Monkeys”)
Directors are meticulous about what’s included in the frame, there are no accidental messages in a finished Hollywood product. While we the peasants were bankrupted, new billionaires rose from our ashes.

Virus origin narratives blame natural animal-to-human contagion instead of the most-likely cause, lab created, gain of function. AIDS was blamed on Africans eating or having sex with infected monkeys and Covid-19 scapegoated Chinese wet markets and bat soup. We’ve been trained to believe in racist based theories that targeted poor people in third world countries because they were easy prey.

The villainous lab assistant’s briefcase has stickers of guano and a vaccinated planet, perhaps bats were the source of the virus, Terry Gillian? Is there a virus Mr. Gillian or is there a bio weapon?

Racism is what fuels their lies, they think scapegoating poor people-of-color for their “barbarism” is an easy, believable target. The disgusting suffering and torture of cattle in US slaughterhouses is seen as hygienic and civilized but it’s far from that. They want to claim superiority in the midst of their hypocrisy.

On a similar thread, a false flag story from 2020 of monkeys stealing Covid blood samples in India. The corporate media thinks we’re idiots.

“Monkeys mobbed an Indian health worker and made off with blood samples from coronavirus tests, prompting fears they could have spread the virus in the local area.”
Found 2 miles underground🤔? D.U.M.B.S., trafficking, hybrid references?

Biden’s warning of a “Dark Winter” has nothing to do with a pandemic simulation called “Dark Winter” about a small pox outbreak that kills millions of people on earth 🧐? Johns Hopkins reposted the entire simulation on YouTube a few months ago, I included a link to it on one of my posts but it was recently deleted by YouTube. Here’s a shortened synopsis of the clip:

More analysis of Dark Winter:

The very charming Jon Stewart exposed the lab leak theory via the safety bubble of comedy at around 3:33 in an interview with his friend, Stephen Colbert (I dislike Colbert vehemently). Although Stewart was hilarious in this rehearsed/live skit, I think he’s controlled opposition. The illusion that there are opposing views among elites, continues to give us false hope/false trust in celebrities. All of them are mouthpieces, all of them are controlled and both sides are owned. I used to have a crush on Jon Stewart when he had his own comedy show, way before he was hosting late night talk shows, too bad he’s their likable stooge.

Predictive programming works by pre-programming the mind to accept a future reality. The more this is done in films, books, media the more reinforcement of the new reality. The planted suggestion creates the inspiration and helps the reality to unfold. This “12 monkeys” synopsis echoes what implanting predictive programming is, a form of brainwashing. The film, “Inception” is also about planting thoughts into people without their knowledge. I think film directors are akin to sorcerers in Hollywood (magic wand of holly).

A list of pandemic predictive programming films:


    1. Watching films now is so strange because I’m always seeing the Illuminati and programming messages. It’s amazing how we’ve been influenced by Hollywood/music/media for so long.


  1. I always liked the movie 12 Monkeys. I’m looking forward to re-watching it again. Like you just said to Dracul though, it’s really hard to watch anything now without seeing all the stupid programming messages. Ruins the experience a lot.

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    1. It’s amazing how reality has shifted after being red-pilled, it’s like the sunglasses in They Live, what they’re selling us, isn’t real. I was sad to lose the enjoyment of music and films. Now I can still watch them but it’s different now because the manipulation is gone because I can see the magician’s wires and strings. I wonder if the directors are forced to make these films with themes but maybe some add warning clues? Or are they just complicit? The 12 Monkeys briefcase scene with Guano and the earth vaccine stickers shout Covid-19, how can they explain it away?

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      1. I’m finding it really hard to just watch a tv show or movie now. So hard to just ignore all the horrible propaganda.

        The directors have to be in on it, or taking money to allow all those things to be added to their films.

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  2. Will have to rewatch 12 Monkeys. It is actually good. That lady had to be staged or completely empty headed. Bruce Willis was also in the parallel time, time travel movie.. Looper.

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