Power to the People: Poem: Protect and to Serve (haiku) + Nasal Rape + Schizer 💩

Schizer💩, This should be their official commercial:

“Shame on you!” Power to the people!: Nazi gets pushback from badass Aussie protestors:

Police think they’re gods 
until a crowd surrounds them
Then they know who’s boss.

Nasal test glows in the dark, is it luciferase? The glow in the dark chemical in the vaccine is called luciferase and like the Vatican telescope is called Lucifer…has nothing to do with the occult. 🧐


      1. Yes, they’re going to start arresting truckers soon.

        They’re already starting to arrest people for honking their horns.

        Insanity seems to be spreading more rapidly than Covid.

        Particularly among politicians and the now politicized police forces of the world.

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