Poem: Racial Equity is Racism (haiku in 2 variations & a tanka)

US Taxpayers to pay 30 million for crackpipes (for Racial Equity). How does this support racial equity? How does enabling poor, drug addicts help anyone? Why is there an assumption that crack heads are all disadvantaged black people? Did senile Biden forget about his son’s laptop, selfie, crack-pipe, porn fiasco? Or is he advocating racial equity for his white, privileged, elitist son?

Racial Equity’s 
a new form of racism
Pretending to care

Get your crack pipes here
Don’t quit, just start smoking it
We’ve got you covered.

Free crack for poor blacks
Crack’s not just for rich man’s sons.
Crack’s for everyone
Equal opportunity
Because we care about you.

Interesting that no funding is given to help prevent drug abuse. Instead, Biden believes solving the problem involves enabling crackheads. Crackhead thinking from the father of the world’s most notable crackhead”


“Hunter Biden, whose legal first name is Robert, also left credit cards, a driver’s license, a Delaware attorney general badge, a cellphone, and a U.S. Secret Service business card in the car, according to the police report obtained by Breitbart News…The car keys were not properly deposited in a dropbox but left in the car’s gas tank compartment.

In addition to “a small white and brown pipe approximately 3-4 inches long,” an officer also found “a small ziplock bag with a white powdery substance inside all sitting on the passenger seat.”

…I also think it’s fair to note that if this had happened to you or me, we’d have been prosecuted, but nothing happened to Hunter because he’s the “privileged” son of Joe Biden.”



      1. Good point. I had forgotten about that whole thing (replacing the invalid with the shrew). Perhaps that’s on the agenda for this year. I can’t stand to even look at her.

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  1. Wow.

    That’s totally insane.

    Using $30 million of taxpayers’ money to buy crackpots for crackheads.

    I imagine my country’s own dictator Justcrap Trudope will be following senile Joe’s example and doing the same.

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