No Red vs Blue: Part 2 + Poem: Parasites Nosferatu

Mouthy Buddha’s documentaries are packed with information.

Pedo Politicians protected:

“Twilight” starring Joe Biden 💀

Canaanite rituals practiced in history: This information is not intended to shock but it is horrific. Good people cannot close our eyes to evil, it won’t go away if we ignore or try to pretend it away. Good people with the help of God, are the only obstacles to evil. We have to fight against it, there is no other option.

They’re narcissists/ego-maniacs/psychopaths. They believe they’re gods.


I’m not a fan of Q because he’s controlled opposition but hopefully he’s right about “symbolism will be their downfall” our world is saturated with their occultic sex codes

Remember when Wayfair was caught selling overpriced cabinets and toss pillows with oddly unique names of missing children on them and when asked about this, they immediately deleted and changed their suspicious product line? Their company logo looks like an opened box (or an opened bag)—kinda just like the one Howie Mandel made on this TikTok video. “Cat’s out of the bag”, Howie?

Howie was giving out cryptic clues, as if it was a confession. Notice that he was wearing a red lifeguard hoodie with a white cross on it, reminds me of the Wayfair logo

Reverse speech of the 5H0E stuff. Reverse speech is the amazing and disturbing phenomena of subconscious messages (involuntary confessions) contained within audio played in reverse. Satanists intentionally speak in reverse, walk backwards and write in reverse/mirror. Howie’s message is a dual confession, disguised as nonsense = hidden in plain view.

Madonna looks unrecognizably bloated, too much chrome? She says she needs a “drip”:

No red vs blue
They’re a party of a few
None of us are invited
except as slaves in waiting
Muzzled up and sanitized
carrying their drinks
and finger foods
served up on a splatter
trafficked taken tortured
for the chrome
just like the Thunder Dome

The ruthless like to hunt us
not live or breed among us:
obedient, helpful, ignorant, asleep.
They feed on our innocence as we weep
It’s been their leisure to deceive us
We’re the sport
they violate for pleasure
Nothing’s for free sponsored by tv
The cyclops eye’s been stalking us
Blinking subliminal urges

Celebrities are traded
there’s no winners among slaves
Like gladiators temporarily pampered
that’s how the casting couch cycles
measured on borrowed time
Wake out of the hero-worshipping trance
the manipulation coma we called entertainment
We’ve been conditioned to think a certain way
Dress and stress and say and obey

I’m a victim of this too all of my life
I’ve worshipped at the altar
of false prophets who were puppets
waking up has been not easy
full of sleepless obstacles
breakdowns of nostalgia
Innocence is gone
lost in remembering songs
They stole music too deranged it
for gold chains in pockets

The Russian roulette jab
is underway
Trials of 5-11
Moloch and Bal are celebrating
This world is temporal illusionary
Win or lose I choose
Love is God is Good
Fame is a greedy trap
Why invest in that disaster
They trade everlasting love
for a temporary hit.
What is Ambrosia?


  1. Brilliantly written poem, Judy.

    You’ve described the manipulation, mind control and downfall of our culture so well.

    Television is the cyclops’ eye that began the process and then more mindnumbing and subliminal forms of messaging were brought in through it and other new forms of media.

    The plandemic did not happen and suddenly arise in a vacuum.

    They’ve been planning for it for the past 70 years.

    When technology and brainwashing reached the maximum level, it was unleashed.

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  2. The pedoticians sit on both sides of the isle like criminal masterminds above the law. The pedo-criminals run rampant throughout the entertainment and sports industries. We have been manipulated and brainwashed to accept what is unacceptable by way of mind conditioning through entertainment.
    You are in my prayers, my friend always 🙏🏽❤️🤗

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