Poem: This Is Not Our Home (haiku in 3 variations) + They Live

John Carpenter’s “They Live”. The first time I saw this I thought it was campy, political commentary. Now I view it with the sunglasses on 😎 and I think it’s genius.

The fist fight scene is priceless, trying to red pill someone can we like a wrestling match.

Live spelled backwards is
Evil demons in control
This is not our home.

Devil’s playground, Earth
Evil corrupted this place
This is not our home.

Earth’s paradise lost
They’ve taken over this space
This is not our home.

“The truth is strange, stranger than fiction”

Oscar Wilde


  1. Such a great point about the fight scene (which goes on forever). It is exactly like trying to wake someone up. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched ‘They Live’; it’s been one of my go to movies practically since it first came out. And to think, it was all real this whole time…

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    1. The fight scene, at first I laughed hard at that scene when I first saw it years ago, but now it’s a perfect analogy for red-pilling, how hard the sheep will fight and resist seeing the truth. It’s stood the test of time, who knew it was basically a documentary?

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  2. The first time around it was dismissed as a cheap sci-fi/action film but the more closely you look… You begin to get the message.
    Check this out when you get a chance

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      1. I’m exhausted from the discoveries but still I have to research more 🤔! True the old dvds had tons of extras, the back story is sometimes just as interesting as the film/end product.


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