Poem: I Think That You’re Both (haiku) + Why Do We Trust Doctors?

Why do we admire and trust doctors? They’re the most arrogant, overpaid fools of our society. Dr. Drew admitted that his good friend was severely injured from the vax but he still recommends it.

“I have a friend that got the booster, and he is—got really destroyed by it, he still can’t even walk across the room!…all kinds of symptoms. There’s a lot of funny stuff! We don’t really know what it all is and where it’s coming from but it’s still worth doing it!…it’s still worth the risk! But it’s got a lot of side effects…” ~Dr. Drew

He also tried to convince the comedian, Heather McDonald that her collapse on stage wasn’t related to her numerous vaccinations because it occurred outside of a 2-3 week window of expected vax injury. Shut the f up Dr. Drew! She collapsed 3 weeks after getting her 3rd booster, it’s related!

Is Dr. Drew a real doctor or is he like the actor, Bill Nye the science guy? What an idiot!

Are you a doctor?
Or are you a paid actor?
I think that you’re both.

At least the comedian who cracked her head after celebrating all of her toxic boosters, learned a lesson. Maybe the fall knocked some sense into her. She said she’s not getting a 4th booster. Does she still think that Jesus loves her the most? She seemed embarrassed, why was she wearing dark sunglasses indoors during an interview?

(Edited 2/19/22) Here’s why she was wearing shades! Don’t make fun of Jesus anymore, Heather!


  1. You’re so right Judy! The professions that get paid the most and are ‘above’ criticism seem to attract the most arrogant people, and they should never be blindly followed. I’ve seen it firsthand in the sciences, with engineers and especially the computer sciences. I spend my day correcting their arrogant mistakes. It’s insane. After what happened with my mom, I’ll never trust doctors again.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! Those “experts” just regurgitate the given narrative and act above everyone using invented terminology that we don’t understand to act knowledgeable. Understanding of science constantly changes but they act like they know for certain. I’m sorry about your mom, those guilty doctors/nurses that profited from hurting people need to lose their licenses and be jailed.

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      1. I totally agree, unfortunately, our entire justice system seems to be a giant fraud, just like everything else. I really question whether or not all the guilty doctors and politicians will ever face justice.

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  2. He could be a shill. How could you knowingly promote a vaccine when it had such a devastating effect on someone you know.. I think Heather learned her lesson and is trying to hide her embarrassment behind those sunglasses. Now they are trying to put all the attention on masking or unmasking. I heard in the Dominican Republic they are dropping all covid precautions and protocols.

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    1. He seemed incredibly dense, he said it “destroyed” his friend but still recommends it? I found it funny that Heather looked like Caitlin Jenner with those glasses on, I’m just seeing things I guess! 🙂 I think something’s coming up, another release of something and they’ll say the masks need to stay forever. It’s a marathon of extended insanity. 🥴


      1. He’s a tool! Now that you mention it, Heather does look like Caitlin 😄 that’s a good observation 🙂 the way they are pushing to remove the mask mandate, it seems like they’re setting us up for something else 🧐.the crazy train continues…. 😵

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