Poem: Covid Brainwash Charm (haiku) + videos

The Stats, the mandatory vax is very effective—at giving you Covid! The chances of catching Covid after the death jab increases exponentially. We’ve been saying it over and over, the jabs spread Covid! It forces the body to produce toxic spike proteins which shed on the unjabbed but we’re being blamed for this man-made disease? The irony is infuriating.

Vaccine effectiveness is in the negative range 200+ among 40-49yr olds, this is just a snapshot of the stats

It’s almost been a month since I was fired for not complying to the experimental vax. They denied my religious rights without cause. They denied me the right to non-invasive saliva testing also. I’m still in shock that our society has broken down so quickly without much resistance. Solidarity doesn’t work when it’s just a handful of brave people. Whether jabbed or unjabbed, please stand for freedom, it’s already become illegal in many ways.

This is medical rape
Nasal swab alarm
They promised to do no harm
Covid brainwash charm.

Finally Fox states the obvious. Fox is controlled opposition. They’re there to create the illusion that conservative corporate media are the good guys, but they’re all bought by their owners (Black Rock and Vanguard own everything).

Don’t forget it was Trump’s Warp Speed Bioweapon. He knows exactly what’s in it, he’s not uninformed or stupid…he’s a Freemason just like the rest.

What a super creep, just like a James Bond villain; he sees tragedy/crisis as opportunity. The rich get richer by draining we the people:


  1. Yes, it was the vax that increased the numbers of Covid.

    It happened in Alberta.

    After over 80% of the people had been vaccinated in the province, the numbers skyrocketed and ICU beds were more full than ever.

    Naturally the government and the brainless mainstream media blamed the unvaccinated for the increase in cases.

    When it was people who had received the vaccine within a space of 2 weeks prior (who were still listed as unvaccinated during that time by deranged medical bureaucrats at AHS – Alberta Health Services) who were winding up in ICU wards.

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    1. Exactly! They cheated the data by counting the vaccinated as the unvaxxed such a scam! They did that with the vaxxed injuries/deaths too, they rigged the statistics always in their favor but the actual, complete data proves them wrong. When will this scam end?

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  2. Plato’s Cave is very real!!

    Plato and the allegory of the cave
    Plato was a major influence on Gnostic belief. He said that human’s were like prisoners who had lived inside a cave all their lives and never seen the outside. Behind them is a fire and between the prisoners and the fire is a raised walkway. Prisoner can only look at the wall of the cave in front of them and can’t turn around or see in any other direction. Figures pass across the walkway casting shadows on the wall from the light of the fire. All that the prisoners can see are the shadows and without knowing where they come from or what they are the shadows are believed to be real. Some prisoners would become experts on the shadows without realizing what they really were and they would be called masters of nature (today’s scientists and academic). One of the prisoners escapes from the cave and sees reality as it truly is. He can’t believe his eyes to start with and then realizes that his world of shadows is unreal and fake. He goes back to the cave to tell the other prisoners what he has discovered, but they don’t believe him, and call him crazy and say they will kill him if he tries to set them free.

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    1. Knowledge is what they keep to themselves, they give us the puppet show shadows, they keep us ignorant and afraid. Their slaves ridicule and destroy people that are awake. It’s been like this for a long time.

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      1. It has never changed as the masses simply are easily manipulated animals. They have just gotten better at the manipulation part!

        “If you want to be wrong, follow the masses.” Socrates

        Here is a little piece on the Brave New World I did which is exactly where we are today!


      2. I dislike Huxley who helped to bring in the psychedelic movement of the 60s which greatly influenced and degraded society. His father was a freemason and as most writers, politicians etc were. I’m doing research on how the CIA influenced the 60s via drugs, music, film, literature. Books like Brave New World serve more as predictive programming, social conditioning than as a warning, it has the opposite effect like a self-fulling prophesy.

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      3. I am not fond of any of the people who think they have a right to manipulate my free will or anyone else’s period. However, I will listen to what they have to say because of the information they give helps me stay free. Some of these people do have a conscious and those are the ones to listen too. Julian Huxley his brother who was the first chairman of the satanic UN was obviously a total scumbag like his father. Aldous simply told us the truth as he was warning people.

        The FACT that the masses are manipulated frankly will never go away, because the majority of people simply are not smart. So it has always gone on since the beginning of time. It is a very unfortunate truth, but it is reality.

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      4. It makes sense that his brother was the first chairman, their nepotism stretches everywhere. Maybe Aldous had good intentions, I don’t know but he helped to usher in the psychedelic, drug/porn culture, I’m researching Tavistock Institute how pop culture, social conditioning has weakened and demoralized us. I appreciate your input and agree that the masses are easily controlled. They feel safe in their conformity, they’re like children that want protection and distraction/toys.

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  3. The masses are controlled by their ego entirely. The ego feeds off of sex, drugs, materialism, etc. All things where you get a high and always need more which will circumvent your thinking to realize someone is controlling your actions.

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