Stealing Our Free Will: Poem Misdirection (haiku in 4 variations)

Dr. Evil wants us to look away, nothing to see here so I’m beaming my spotlight. I think the “great awakening” is just another name for the “great reset”. We need a revolution that They haven’t organized. We don’t need Their false help.

Who knows what’s true anymore? Don’t look here:

Good points to consider:

Or especially here. The cure for Covid was a war, a coverup for their crimes against humanity. Here’s a leaked Pfizer document listing the associated vaccine injuries that They knew about before they released this bioweapon:

Pfizer documents:

Protected intel 
Behind the Wizard’s curtain
Don’t look over there

Look over here at
The magician’s assistant
Hourglass winking

Masters of disguise
Circus and carnival rides
Geek show creep show gimp

We’re experts at nothing now
Generation Numb

Covid spelled backwards is Divoc = demonic possession.


  1. Yes, that’s really something that Pfizer patented the vaccines for Covid even before there was a Covid plandemic.

    That’s very interesting that Covid spelled backwards is Divoc (which is demonic possession).

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    1. I’m not sure if it was Pfizer or Moderna or both that had their patents 3 yrs before the plandemic started. I guess they’ll say it was a typo and the sheep will accept that. Very odd how they decided on calling it Covid vs coronavirus, I guess to cast their “spells”.

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