Neo-Nazis and the Cult of the Serpent

A mountain of videos today that form a picture of what we’re not supposed to know. I realize that all accessible information online is in some way part of controlled opposition so what do we do with this information? We have to figure out who is benefiting from the hype and fear porn that they sell. I don’t know for sure what’s true but I know that corporate media is lying to us. The great reset is unavoidably here but what will we do about it?

Critically thinking, logical and down-to-earth people help me to cope with the insanity:

Bryce Mitchell talking about Ukraine and the Federal Reserve:

They want us to forget about the plandemic but I was fired for not complying, my life has derailed. People have been murdered by this plandemic on purpose. I’m not forgetting any of this. Look what’s in the masks they forced on us for our protection, looks like graphene nano:

Neo-Nazis of Ukraine. I’m not pro-Putin or Trump, I’m against corporate media. All of this is a distraction and a cruel game:

Neo Nazis fighting for Ukraine, Democrats’ nepotism in Ukraine, and topless French feminists doing the luciferean light-bearer pose

Russian Illuminati, all leaders are part of this club, Putin is no exception:

The president of Ukraine is a prick:

They belong to the Lucifer cult of the serpent

Sheila Holm connects the dots. Sheila makes strong statements that I haven’t verified about family lineages, the theories are fascinating:

Flashback to Joe Biden caught on film bragging about bribing Ukraine when he was VP under the Obama regime:

Biden gives 350 million to Ukraine, Is Soros behind everything? So far it’s a tie between him and Satan Klaus for evil globalist mastermind.

Cocaine in the Ukraine, parody of Insane in the membrane:


  1. Bryce is awesome. He’s so right about the central banks, what a bunch of criminals. That was the beginning of our downfall in the US, letting the central banks take control. Also, I love the video by the Canadian farmer, he’s exactly right. I keep hoping someone somewhere will finally stand up and put all these demons on trial, but chances are very slim that’ll ever happen. Like you said, I’ll never forget or forgive the plandemic atrocities.

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    1. He uses his platform for good, you can tell he’s speaking from his own opinion, not a sell out. I relate to authentic, working class people, they have common sense wisdom and trueness. They got away with killing JFK and 9/11, why would this Plandemic be any different? It doesn’t matter how much evidence we have if the majority still aren’t listening.

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  2. Some good information and videos there Judy. The Sheila Holm video was eye opening.
    Just looked at some of the ‘ten commandments’ of the Georgia guidestones. ‘Keep humanity under 500,000,000 = Murder the rest. Rule faith with tempered reason. = Take away God. Resolve external disputes in a world court. = One World Order. Balance personal rights with social duties = Get stabbed with poison.

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      1. The blood on the top of the stone is chilling. Must have been a lot of sacrifice in that spot, in order for it to permeate the stone, and not be washed away by rain.

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