Poem: Reruns and Mistakes + video

God isn’t angry just because 
He abides the laws
of the universe
God is logical, fair and good.
People always want
exceptions to the rule but
God’s perfection will never cheat.
Satan is the thief
Originator of grief
Mastermind of half-truths
Who wants to bend the rules.
Lucifer liar
Lightning bolt blue fire
Fallen Morningstar
Left eye blind pirate
Revived as Harry Potter—
Stolen legend of King Arthur.
There’s no originality anymore
It’s all reruns and remakes
And forgotten history mistakes
Set on brainwash and repeat.


  1. Excellent poem, Judy.

    I remember about 2003 or 2004 coming across an article examining the occultism in the Harry Potter books saying they were very dark indeed.

    The author felt that Rowling was unknowingly the victim of demons who used her imagination to sow dark witchcraft posing as light ideas.

    The fact that Harry Potter first appeared to her as a grown 11-year-old-boy with a lightning thunderbolt sign on his forehead (Mark of the Beast anyone?) he felt was an example of Guided Imagery very much being taken over by dark powers in Rowling’s case.

    Harry Potter he said was also the name of an 18th Century English serial killer who used occultic signatures in his crimes.

    Thus the fact that Rowling chose that name he didn’t think was coincidental.

    And I agree Harry’s story does seem to be a re-telling of the King Arthur legend for modern times making this 21st century version even darker than the original medieval legend.

    About 2005 or 2006, that article seemed to be scrubbed from the Net.

    The fallen angelic powers that be beyond this Harry Potter programming/conditioning didn’t want their plans ruined.

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    1. That’s fascinating information. I think JK Rowling has an occult if tattoo on her wrist of a pyramid, she seems like she was stealing from Tolkien and the Arthur/Merlin legends. It would make sense if she was influenced by demonic muses. Harry Potter was a anti-hero, that theme of dark heroes is very popular now. He saved the world by sacrificing himself, replacing Jesus, very anti-Christ of him. I think the stories made children want to cast spells for “good” it made witchcraft seem heroic.

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  2. Wonderful astute poem Judy. We were made in God’s image, therefore Satan hates us, came to kill and destroy. I see that working through so called friends, family and neighbours sometimes.. Hopefully, not all at once ! I am experiencing some good friendships at the moment. When people are bad, they can be really bad, but when people are good, it brings such joy,

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    1. Thank you Sue. Good is good and the devil is evil but they’ve reversed even that truth in society. Sad. I just watched a video that said stupidity (ignorance) is more dangerous than malice, so true. I’m glad you’re connecting with good friends, it makes a world of difference. We need each other, what are we without love?

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