Tavistock Institute, Bernays’ Propaganda and Engineering Consent

The Tavistock Institute shaped public perception since WWII via advertisements, films, novels, music and the news (Mockingbird media). For decades we were groomed and programmed into a radicalized social conformity. This technique was further developed into propaganda methods crafted by Edward Bernays.

A Masonic phrase used to describe we the uninitiated, is “eyes wide shut” (RIP Stanley Kubrick). I used to champion LGBTQ, feminism and the rights of POC. I was into New Age concepts and I voted democrat for decades. I was a perfect product of propaganda. But now that I’m awake I want to awaken everyone else. Some of this material might trigger or offend, but that’s not my intention. I believe all races, sexes are equal and I have no issue with interracial relationships. I used to believe strongly in the rights of minorities but the surge of unfair entitlements has made me change my position. This post is an investigation into how we’ve been socially experimented on and manipulated into mental illness.

“9 out of 10 doctors choose Camels cigarettes” is an example of Tavistock Institute programming. Programming is what gave Anthony Fauci unlimited power.

Excellent video about current and historical disinformation and conditioning. Even our concept of what a healthy breakfast was came from propaganda. Edward Bernays created a form of mind control which is readily used today:

These are all board books that are targeted at babies and toddlers, programming indoctrination begins at birth. Notice the multicultural family propaganda on the top left image? So cringe.

I had no idea that actress, Sean Young was so intelligent, (FYI I don’t blame or hate Jewish people for what a select few do). She mentions neuro-linguistic programming that newscasters use. I remember when she was scandalized; I think Hollywood blackballed her for political reasons:

Ex KGB spy warned North Americans about propaganda decades ago. I posted a shorter version of this interview in a different post but this video adds Del Bigtree’s input:

Woke folks need to put on the “They Live” sunglasses, this is indoctrination. What is programming? Repetitive messaging of a concept, until it’s normalized.

“If we are to avoid mass-suicide, we must have our world- state quickly and this probably means that we must have it in a non-democratic form to begin with. We will have to start building a world-state now…”
“…Bernays “blew the whistle” on polling in his 1923 and 1928 books, Propaganda, and Crystallizing Public Opinion. This was followed by Engineering Consent

Sigmund Freud was the uncle of Edward Bernays, our world has always been run by nepotism and privilege.

“Self-preservation, ambition, pride, hunger, love of family and children, patriotism, imitativeness, the desire to be a leader, love of play-these and other drives are the psychological raw materials which every leader must take into account in his endeavor to win the public to his point of view…”

The brainwashed will fight to protect the propaganda that was created to destroy them.

“A strange kind of a forced gaiety descended on Europe in the 1920s (in which I include Britain) and the United States. It was put down to “rebellious youth” and people generally being “sick of war and politics.” In point of fact, people were reacting to the long-range penetration and inner-directional conditioning of the masters at Tavistock…
In the state of forced gaiety, nobody saw the coming of the world economic crash and subsequent world depression.
It is agreed by most historians that this condition was engineered…Tavistock played a role in the feverish publicity campaigns of various factions in that period. In support of our contention that the crash and depression was a contrived event
Spengler foretold what was to happen and as it turns out his predictions were amazingly accurate…As money became harder to come by and soup kitchen and unemployment lines grew longer, hemlines grew shorter, while the writings of Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence drew gasps, the latest Broadway shows and nightclub acts revealed a lot more of women’s hidden charms than ever before, and put them out on public display.



““Facts play no role in propaganda which is always to create an impression. It has to (be) one-sided systematic, sustained indoctrination that what the Government, the media and political leaders are saying is the truth. And it has to be pitched in such a manner that the people feel that it is their thinking.


Lia Thompson who identifies as a female (but females don’t have dicks), why is she allowed to compete with biological females? Why are transgender rights more important than female rights?:

John Coleman, Shaping the Decline of the USAThe liberal agenda has repeatedly promoted specific minority groups at the expense of all others. That isn’t equality, it’s separatism. Coleman uses dated language but the changes he’s pointed out has occurred in our society. “On the agenda of the 1980 meeting…were the following:

  • Women‘s liberation movement.
  • Black consciousness, racial mixing, breaking down taboos…
  • It was decided at this meeting that an aggressive program would be launched to portray “colored races” as superior
  • Youth rebellion against imagined societal wrongs.
  • Emerging interest in social responsibility of business…
  • The anti-technological bias of many young people.
  • Experimentation with new family structures interpersonal relationships in which homosexuality and lesbianism became “normalized”
  • The emergence of the fake conservation/ecology movements such as “Greenpeace”
  • A surge in interest in Eastern religious and philosophical perspectives.
  • A renewed interest in “fundamentalist” Christianity…
  • An increasing interest in meditation and other spiritual disciplines The “Kabala” was to supplant Christian culture and special people were chosen to teach and spread Kabala…
  • The increasing importance of “self-realization” processes.
    *Reinvention of music…
  • A new language form in which English is so mutilated as to be unintelligible. This is being carried over into news readers on prime time television.
    These disparate trends signified the emergence of a created climate of social upheaval and far-reaching changes as a new image of human beings began to take hold bringing with them radical changes in Western civilization.”

Click to access Shaping_The_Decline_Of_USA-Coleman_John.pdf

Comparison of propaganda, US woke politics vs North Korean, Russian and Chinese military. Pushing the LGBTQ agenda makes the US look ridiculous:

I’m all for diversity but Spider-Man and his girlfriend have become black characters? Instead of creating new superheroes with diverse casts, they’re replacing the original characters in the name of wokeness. The LOTR image is a Babylon Bee spoof.
We’re taught to believe that body dysmorphia is a form of empowerment, not the mental illness (or social conditioning) that it is.

We don’t allow anorexics (who also suffer from body dysmorphia), to starve themselves but we accommodate every whim of the politicized transgender movement. Why? Hypocrisy and double standards. It’s just like the absurdity of the US government’s free crack pipe distribution; enabling mental illness is intentionally toxic.

I think transgenderism is a form of mind-control and self-hatred. For the rest of her life Jessica has to take hormone pills; the scars and wounds from bottom surgery (which she says is a patchwork vagina) will never physically heal.

Jessica was a beautiful, healthy boy (top left image). She says she gained 100 lbs due to a eating disorder and meds. The attention she gets is a vicious cycle of validation and rejection. She seems depressed. Non-surgical self-acceptance and self-love is something that never occurred to her family?

“I suffer from binge-eating disorder, a disease in which I’m not only addicted to food, but I eat it in large quantities.”

“My binging, along with an increased appetite I experience from some of the meds I’m on, has caused me to gain almost 100 pounds in a little less than two years,”

How ironic that the gender identity children’s book is titled, “It feels good to be yourself”. Why does being yourself have to involve surgery and a lifetime prescription of hormones?

“I thought: If this doesn’t end up in school libraries, then we failed.”Jessica Herthel (aka Jazz)


Libraries are supposed to be politically neutral but they aren’t. They’re sanctuaries for liberal propaganda. They exclusively purchase materials that support the woke agenda while shunning conservative best-sellers at the tax payers expense.

Occultism is celebrated everywhere on tv, in libraries and even in grocery stores. Baphomet is a goat and is transgender, there’s no coincidence, it’s all related.
Uncle Sam’s face and top hat aligns with the baphomet’s horns/ears, the pentagram star and goatee also align. This isn’t accidental.
Do you think the Oakland Public Library bought enough copies of Barack Obama’s narcissistic memoir? They actually ordered more than these copies, this collection was all at one branch! Guess what’ll happen to all the extra copies that no one checked out—our hard-earned tax money routinely goes directly to the dumpster…think twice about funding libraries.

“Bernays was born in Vienna on November 22, 1891…the nephew of Sigmund Freud…Bernays pioneered the use of psychology and other social sciences to shape and form public opinion so that the public thought such manufactured opinions were their own.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” Bernays postulated. He called this technique “Engineering Consent. One of his best-known techniques of achieving this goal was the indirect use of what he called third party authorities to shape the desired opinions: “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway. This technique he called “opinion making.”

Celebrities/Influencers are paid to push the transgender agenda? Why are their kids suddenly all gender fluid?

The Three System Response of mind control echoes the Antifa/BLM crisis events and Plandemic of 2020. We were bombarded by endless emergencies: wildfires, Epstein’s “suicide”, plandemic, George Floyd race riots and the Red vs Blue divide, now there’s an NWO war in Ukrain. I think we’re in the third and final phase of programming (apathy and political takeover):

“The Three System Response is how the population reacts to stress, resulting from a contrived situation. A contrived situation is a crisis management exercise for world leaders.

During a crisis, the first response is Superficiality, which is the condition that manifests when a group reacts to a threat by adopting shallow advertising and slogans, which they attempt to pass off as ideals, because the cause of the crisis is not identified. It leaves the population confused and this phase can last as long as the controller wants it to.

The second phase is called Fragmentation, in which panic strikes and social cohesion falls apart. This results in society to break up into small groups, forming different attitudes and beliefs, due to media manipulation. No one is on the same page. No one is getting the truth and people become divided and fragmented from each other.

This causes civil unrest, protests, verbal fights, physical fights, all caused by humans failing to identify the cause of the crisis

The third phase is called the Fantasy Trip. This is what Tavistock calls “dissociation”. In this last phase of the psyop, people have been so traumatized from the false flag event that they block it out or lose interest and all hope and humanity. This dissociation causes people to allow their liberties to get taken away, which ushers in Communist legislation without a fight

MK ultra creates a “clean slate” through torture that’s designed to create split personalities and alter egos.

“Tavistock is strongly tied to British Intelligence where it then branches out through their military and was co-founded by a man named John Rawlings Rees who also worked with Hitler’s deputies to experiment on concentration camp prisoners. Rees also founded the Federation of Mental Health where it used to be called mental hygiene and goes hand in hand with Eugenics.

…”Tavistock played a key role in the creation of the OSS, CIA’s precursor under the guidance of Kurt Lewin and Allen Dulles. Aside from this they also played a key role in the formation of NATO and are connected to the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome works with Tavistock to create propaganda and crisis in order to manipulate the global population in a pre-determined direction towards a one-world government ruled by Oligarchs and Technocrats in a dystopian Totalitarianism scheme.”

“It was Tavistock under the direction of Kurt Lewin that started the concept of deprogramming individuals of traditional beliefs through trauma for reprogramming according to the controller’s wishes. (MKultra) If society can be induced with terror we revert to what is known as a tabula rasa, a blank state, then we lose our individualism. These people have us down to a science.”

…”The societal chaos wearing away the morals of the west leaves us in the state of early childhood termed “fluidity.

Gender Fluidity is a socially created mental illness that pushes gender stereotypes, it’s sexist in the same way that BLM is racist against black people.
The Gay men’s choir said their “We’ll convert your children” song was a parody but I think it’s an actuality. Superman, Robin and Starlord/Guardians of the Galaxy are now gay characters.


Quotes from Bernays’ book, “Propaganda”

It’s our responsibility. Generation X was labeled the apathetic, passive generation and it’s not by accident that all of this is happening on our watch. They conditioned us: to not fight back, taught us compliance as a virtue, they addicted us and brainwashed us to keep buying their trash products, eat their GMO chemical-laden poison, play their violent video games, watch their rape porn/sex trafficking, we called our subjugation liberation, blind to the aberration that it was.

Is there hope for us?

Clown World A-Z
A is for alchemy, altering society
B is for brainwashing, making sheep obey
C is for coercion, but let’s call it consent
D is for diversion, a magician’s trick
E is for erosion, erasing morals
F is for fraud, deceiving the masses
G is for godless, replacing God with Self
H is for heteronormative and made-up jargon
I is for ignorant, imbecilic, ignoramous
J is for jerk, Lia Thompson still has a dick
K is for KKK, aka the Democratic Party
L is for licentious liars and losers
M is for murders, relabeled suicides
N is for numb, an effect of being red-pilled
O is for oppression of the truth and truthers
P is for programming, prostitution, politics
Q is for queer, drag queen storytime shit
R is for racist if don’t agree with the PC
S is for silence, censorship of dissenters
T is for truth, who knows what that is?!
U is for unbelievable, living in Clown World
V is for VAIDS, a vaccine-caused disease
W is for woke, a grammatically incorrect joke
X is for x generation, the last human beings?
Y is for you can’t become another gender
Z is for zealotry, fanaticism and insanity.


  1. As a true open minded liberal who cares about women and children, I am a real social justice warrior. I speak the truth which is very offensive to comatose Lefties as all morally repugnant leftist brainwashing is HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTRY!!

    Liberalism is brainwashing 101 producing HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS!! Not even remotely an open minded liberal!!

    This is what Bernays the nephew of Egotistical pedophile Freud and even the owners of propaganda Netflix are related to the psychologically projecting diseased sludge did!

    The road to HELL is paved with good intentions, and all leftist dogma has evil intentions completely!!

    Orwell did NOT write fiction!! Everything is completely inverted!!

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    1. It truly is inverted, the fascists call others fascists and the racists call others racist. I was a feminist and liberal until they changed the definition. Sad for the children who are being targeted to be confused and mentally ill. I think Netflix, Amazon all the corporations shape our perception/program us to be stupid, narcissistic and immoral.

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  2. I have been calling myself an open minded liberal for years because it is a FACT!! It was a shock at first since the programming has defined what a liberal is as a morally depraved sexual deviant.

    A true open minded liberal embraces family values, the exact opposite of the brainwashing. The Orwellian inversion. There isn’t a KKK slavery lefty including brainwashed family members who I have not called RACIST!! It is the simple truth!!

    I wrote this Orwell piece back in 2017 as I just update the year.

    Orwell 2022


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    1. It’s interesting that most liberals aren’t open-minded, but I understand that you’re representing the authentic not the woke version of liberalism. The new liberals are very intolerant, racist without much self-awareness. I just left a workplace (library) that was full of brainwashed people. I hope people realize they’ve been duped into socialism. Thanks for the link.


  3. Such an amazing post!

    I found it only by going directly to your pg. Your posts are always hidden from my feed, word(su)press will play their little games I suppose.

    I hadn’t realized how corrupt libraries had become, but it’s not surprising. The children books are criminal, but then, so much of our society is now. Thanks for all the videos. I went through some, but the longer ones I’ll check out tomorrow.

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    1. Thanks for making the extra effort to find my post. WP is definitely suppressing content. The long videos are full of good information, especially the Del Bigtree video, all the videos combined form a coherent picture. I’d never heard of Bernays until a few weeks ago but he shaped our society.

      Libraries and schools have become like mainstream media and Disney; they all have the same liberal bias; it wasn’t always so extreme though, radicalism has catapulted.


      1. You’re welcome. My blog is equally suppressed.

        I’ve heard a lot about Bernays. His idea of linking emotion to marketing changed everything (for the worse, it seems).

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      2. Marketing is basically brainwashing and hypnosis, kind of like witchcraft. Images are powerful, even from commercials, some PBS nature commercials have even made me cry, haha! But not anymore. So much emotional manipulation.

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      3. Totally agree. I still watch a few thing on TV, but very little. Commercials push me over the edge with their latest programming. It’s so obvious and disturbing.

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      4. They make the volume louder on commercials so you hear it even when you’ve left the room. I get depressed and zone out on Netflix Korean shows sometimes but I’ll quit Netflix soon, so much programming in films/shows too.

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      5. Marketing is all brainwashing as is all operation mockingbird media with the specific intent on inverting peoples reality.

        FACTS are labels, but labels are not necessarily FACTS!! This is a very important distinction.

        Even if a KKK slavery democrat calls themselves a liberal and is programmed to believe they are does not make them one in the least. The root meaning of the word is open minded and always willing to debate. Lefties are all closed minded BIGOTS is the FACT as they will run away from a debate. They honestly are intellectually incapable of debate especially with an open minded liberal like myself.

        I did live in CA for quite a while and went to many parties that were mainly propagated mainly by lefties. While I talk politics (mind you I left the Republican’s 30 years ago) all lefties would say to never talk politics around me. I realize now it wasn’t what I said that scared them (they cannot comprehend anything), it was that I could get emotional in my appeal and that is what they could not handle. Obviously I wasn’t as awake as I am now.

        The masses are controlled by their ego, as marketing and mind manipulation is all done by emotion as the ego is all emotion, no intelligence. They told you there is emotional intelligence to muddy the water, but there is no such thing. Reasoned thought is calm and questioning. The ego is emotion and completely nonsensical, plus it always produces the wrong outcome as evidenced by all leftist dogma.

        This is how they have inverted the world. Orwell’s 1984 is a guidebook, not fiction in the least.

        War is peace
        Ignorance is Strength
        Freedom is Slavery

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      6. I agree with you, ideas can’t be debated because there’s no logic to their argument. Passion without wisdom is foolishness. I distrust either party (the leaders are all corrupt) but at least conservatives don’t seem completely insane. California has exhausted and disgusted me, robbed me of my earned retirement but I’m finally leaving this place of extreme wealth and poverty. Orwell was a recluse for good reason, what an absurd world we live in.

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    1. I took a mental break last week and made up for lost time :). It’s a lot to digest in one sitting but I couldn’t help but add extra info/examples. Glad you liked the anti-woke alphabet 🤗.

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    1. Totally, they give us controlled opposition to make us more complacent thinking someone’s fighting for us, but of course they’re all on the same side. They start wars, fund both sides and either way They win because They’re pulling every string.

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