Sign of the Times: Part 3: Studio 666 & AstroWorld

The drummer of Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins died after complaining of chest pain, (sounds like symptoms of the vax but you’re not allowed to say that). The Foo Fighters were all vaxxed and they forced their fans to be injected in order to attend their concerts. As They say, Karma’s a bitch.

“Taylor Hawkins…best friend of frontman Dave Grohl, has died during a South American tour with the rock band. He was 50…Bogota’s emergency regulatory center had received a report of a patient with chest pain Friday night. Health officials responding to the scene performed the respective resuscitation maneuvers, but they were unsuccessful and the patient died.

A good synopsis of the film, Studio 666, I totally agree with Hugo especially about the nature of horror films and his warning about controlled opposition:

Do the band members regret making this demonic slasher film? The timing of his death seems suspicious, the film was released on Feb 25th and a month later he’s dead?

Horror is not comedy but they’re trying to brainwash us to think it is. This is programming, desensitization to violence, presenting murder as comedy is sick.

Grohl played Satan in the Tenacious D film and is demon possessed in Studio 666, seems like he has an affinity for evil. I feel sorry for Hawkins.

Foo Fighters frontman and guitarist Dave Grohl is no stranger to horror or the camera. He appeared as Satan in Tenacious D In The Pick of Destiny…

Studio 666 can totally reinvigorate the genre…Using the dark humor that permeates the trailer to make a story that’s unsettling and funny will help make the film even more accessible to audiences.

The trailer:

”Studio 666” provides its own twist on a major hallmark from the Evil Dead trilogy, the Necronomicon

This premise is reminiscent of The Evil Dead, with a group of friends vacationing at a remote cabin in the woods only to discover the Necronomicon, the Sumerian Book of the Dead. The sinister potential of the Necronomicon is awakened when recordings of ancient incantations are played, causing the woods around the cabin to become demonically possessed, with the demons targeting the friends and causing them to turn against each other.
Occultic imagery from Astro World and Travis Scott promotionals.

As soon as I heard Necronomicon red flags went up. Elites love to use wordplay, the spelling of words is their game. Necro (dead) + Omicron? The trigger is 5G or other broadcast frequencies? Many think the Astroworld concert caused a killing frenzy via the vax + frequency. Survivors said they felt like they were in hell, they couldn’t breathe, people were crushing/trampling on each other to get air. Travis Scott is known to “rage”, his stage name sounds a lot like Tavistock (as in Tavistock Institute) which used pop culture especially Rock music to influence/degrade/program society. His fans love how he rages, why is raging admirable? 🤡🌎

Pagans sacrificed children to Moloch, everyone had to enter Travis/Moloch at this event, there were many allusions to CERN-like portals, “see you on the other side” was their logo and he wore a shirt with the image of blue souls entering a doorway and exiting as red demons.

“…and it’s gonna spread across the country. Crazy vibe, crazy environment. You have to be like mentally prepared, like if you’re not, you’re gonna die…We’re really bringing the rage bro, like everyone here’s bringing the rage man!..rage way, rage way! He just know how to rage! The best rager in the world.” (quotes from Astroworld fans in 2019)
I think he should change his name to Skeletor or Skully since he loves skulls so much :)!


  1. That’s the first time I had ever considered omicron in relation to the Necronimicon but it makes perfect sense.

    I remember the first time I saw the movie The Evil Dead and heard those recordings they were listening to, I thought, “Those sound like what actual demons would sound like.”

    Maybe some freaky Hollywood producer got his invisible friends and inspiration to record for him.

    And in the 1964 Italian sci-fi film Omicron, aliens from outer space enter dead bodies and cause them to rise from the grave.

    It’s all interconnected somehow.

    Programming conditioning.

    I think Travis Scott is probably personally demonically possessed.

    And that Astroworld concert (was it in Houston?) where all those deaths occurred comes across as being a satanic ritual.

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    1. I think a lot of those horror films are super creepy, I haven’t seen Omicron or Evil Dead but it’s interesting what you noticed about the demon sounds. I think the film, The Exorcist had demonic activity going on, that film was evil. Travis Scott seems possessed to me too, he seems obsessed with death and encourages his crowd to go berserk. He knew people were hurt and dying but he kept the show going.

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  2. The “official” cause of death was cardiac arrest by drug overdose..but when you are dealing with the dark spiritual realm it comes back to bite you. They still think that Satan is someone to joke about or adore. The is an interesting YouTube short doc on Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page’s love of magic and the symbolisms on his outfits and album covers.

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    1. Hmm could be an overdose/heart attack but I don’t trust their official statements anymore cause they’re always lying. Dave Grohl said he quit drugs a long time ago, he was supposedly best friends with Taylor Hawkins, you’d think he would’ve helped his buddy get off drugs🤔. All the celebrity suicides are suspicious to me now.
      Led Zepplin was very satanic, they were supposed to do the soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s unfinished film project “Lucifer Rising” I think it was called that, and one of the band members bought Aleister Crowley’s house where he had performed rituals and summoned demons, (that’s why they said they wanted the house!) It burned down several times).


      1. That’s the spin put on it by Colombian officials. That is surprising if Dave just let him go down the drug drain. Add this suicide to the list of Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, etc…
        Jimmy Page bought that house and was a huge admire of Aleister Crowley. It was said that someone cast a spell on the band which led to their downfall. 😵

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      2. The spin jumps into action, I guess Taylor could’ve relapsed, but who knows! There were a series of bizarre suicides, Cornell, Bennington, Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain all within a short time frame. People envy the celebrities but their lives seem sketchy.
        I think it was Kenneth Anger who put a curse on them for not finishing the soundtrack to his satanic film “Lucifer Rising”, lots of weird backwards stuff in their songs. People say the Satanism is a joke of it’s all for publicity but I think it’s their way in to fame. 🤑👿💩


      3. We’ll never know the real truth is only another tragic death. You’re right, those suicides were so bizarre. Fame and fortune doesn’t guarantee peace and joy.
        Yes, I remember, Anger (talk about an evil name) did put the curse and I think the drummer died shortly thereafter and decided to end the band instead of replacing him.. how many have sold their soul to Satan for the fame 😈🤑💩🔥

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  3. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

    Did the demons not make us believe a blood human sacrifice of an innocent baby at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic is OK? They sold it as a women’s choice right?

    All satanic leftist thought comes to you as a caring premise, but it is always a ravenous wolf underneath.


    1. I think there are cases where abortion is the moral choice (fetus is severely deformed, incest/rape, danger to mother’s health) but the majority of abortion aren’t based on those factors. I think there has to be a limit to abortions (keep it at the first trimester) right now it’s legal to kill a baby even after it’s born. They sell the fetus’ body parts that’s the most immoral aspect that they’re profiting from abortions.

      But this post wasn’t about abortions but about Hollywood and the music industry’s occult/satanic propaganda.


  4. When I saw that he had made that film and then died, I knew it was God’s judgment. As for Astroworld, that was pure evil. So sad that so many people are blind to what is behind all of this. By the way, I spent many a summer day at Astroworld as a child.

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    1. Sad that he went down that path of fame, I agree with you. I was asleep for many years, but waking up the reality of the occult surrounding our world brought me back to Christianity. It’s gotten so blatantly evil but people can’t see it? I was raised as a Christian but got lost in New Age lies. I’m so grateful that God woke me up in time.

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