Operation Woke: The Gender Fluid Agenda 🏳️‍🌈

This is an epically long post, I couldn’t stop writing about this multi-layered topic. I assume this post will get me shadow banned again :). Does WP censor anti-PC posts? I used to champion LGBTQ+ causes although I’m heterosexual, I no longer do because they’re not persecuted anymore. They don’t need my support, their politically correct enforcers have got it down to a science (literally).

I refuse to use the cis-gender term, it’s so cringe. Who gave the Woke community the authority to re-label everything? Breastfeeding is now called chest feeding? Menstruating women are now called Bleeders? A man can give birth? Within the last 10 yrs something radically shifted in social politics. The fringe has become mainstream. LGBTQ+ and Gender Fluidity is being normalized whether the majority wants it or not, it’s shoved in our face. If you push back on this agenda you’ll be terrorized and canceled from society; “open-minded liberals” are not very open-minded 🤔.

Guess which ad is from the USA. Notice the bottom two images feature women in the military in a relatively natural, not forced way.

Here’s a comparison of views on gays in the military as well a comparison of military ads that focus on military recruitment, not identity politics. I personally don’t think the In Living Color clip is hateful, it’s a parody (humorous exaggeration) of the truth. Comedy wasn’t as heavily censored as it is today. Now this clip would be considered hate speech and the show would be canceled.

The compilation is a long clip, I skimmed through, but you can see the stark contrast immediately. Who had the ridiculous idea to use animation for the USA ad? We’re not children. North American culture encourages permanent immaturity. Woke politics is our Achilles heel:

French military includes females in their ad but doesn’t make them the focus for virtue signaling attention. https://youtu.be/A8NhabFRXZQ

Hollyweird, the Mecca for propaganda, statistically I bet there’s a much higher percentage of gender fluid children and LGBTQ+ among celebrities than the general population or is it just a California trend? Just kidding. I think They push celebs to do this to themselves and their children in order to influence their fans. Celebrities are the mouthpieces of propaganda.

Operation Gender Fluid:

The YouTube channel Odin’s Men, is full of common sense wisdom:

Being against something doesn’t mean you hate the people involved. I don’t hate LGBTQ, trans or these woke celebrities but I’ve woken up to the manipulation. I think they’re often brainwashed, coerced and/or mentally ill. I think they need psychological help. The danger is that their young fans worship and emulate their opinions which I truly believe are politically motivated. Celebrities are living commercials, they’re the designated social influencers of our demoralized society.

I used to believe in live and let live, as long as no one was getting hurt and they were consenting adults but there’s a mass brainwashing that’s been going on for awhile that normalizes the minority as the majority. Their rights have eclipsed everyone else’s. Watch tv shows and Netflix films, according to that propaganda, it seems like suddenly everyone’s gay. Being straight is now an oddity, an indication of closed-mindedness or religious fanaticism and bigotry. I guess we’re all going to have to be cloned if heterosexuals are eliminated. I’m not kidding.

In particular I think it’s morally wrong to allow a child to transition, Their brains are rapidly developing, they’re too immature to make an informed life-altering decision. How can a 3 year old know anything about sex or sexuality?

Theron allegedly killed her father while protecting her mother from abuse, I want to have compassion for her but it’s difficult.

Once a person transitions they have to take hormone pills for their entire lives. If they’ve had bottom surgery, that physical wound will never technically heal, they have to do constant maintenance to prevent infections. What kind of life is that? God gave us the bodies that belong to us mutilating it is a form of self-hatred. Transgenders have body dysmorphia and deserve compassion and therapy not enabling. Do we allow anorexics to starve themselves? No. So why the hypocrisy with transgenders?

DeSantis’ bill is not anti-gay, it’s about parental rights vs the educational system’s indoctrination of children. The spin is always a lie.

It’s most disturbing when the gender fluid children are adoptees. I’m probably offending adopted families but I wonder what the inner motivation is of celebrities that exclusively adopt children from a “disadvantaged race”, it seems like a form of virtue signaling to me. I’ll probably get shunned for saying that (sigh). People like Mia Farrow and Angela Jolie seemed to get tons of admiration for raising a tribe full of Benneton kids. Remember Benetton ads from the eighties?

Diversity is a good thing but it becomes parody when it’s forced or presented in a blatant way. I’m such a know-it-all.

Celebrity adoptions seem like the ultimate form of virtue signaling especially when they adopt disadvantaged children of color. I bet the celebrities would say they’re colorblind, but it seems like the white celebs love to adopt POC to show that they aren’t racist.

“Love is Love” right? Yes duh. Woke propaganda states the obvious as if it’s a discovery. I know the phrase refers to gay love but it makes me cringe. These celebrities act like they are the world’s role models just because they can act or sing or pose. I wish they’d stay in their lane (performing).
I’m sure these adoptees live lives of luxury but are they truly happy living under paparazzi and public scrutiny?
Steven Spielberg’s adopted daughter announced that she wanted to be in the porn industry, specifically the masturbation genre. Great job Steven and Kate Capshaw.

The Brady Bunch reinvented:

Mia Farrow adopted 14 children, allegedly two committed suicide, one died of accidental overdose and one married her ex-husband and pedophile, Woody Allen: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/story/2021-04-01/mia-farrow-children-deaths

Angelina Jolie adopted less children but I’m sure she’s not finished collecting orphans from impoverished countries. Her daughter Zahara has a biological mother who lives in destitution in Ethiopia. She pleaded to talk to or see her daughter but Jolie won’t allow it. Jolie represents the worst aspect of liberal, white privilege to me. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4124360/Angelina-Jolie-s-adopted-Ethiopian-daughter-Zahara.html

Zahara’s mom just wants contact, why refuse her? She’s punishing her daughter as well to keep them apart.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, risk the wrath of some folks but I think when rich, white celebrities (or even non-celebrities) adopt children of color from “third world countries” en masse it’s a form of cultural genocide. Let that skin in and let me explain, these children were most probably traumatized by the loss of their parents, families and country. They will be immersed in an entirely different culture with different customs that they will have to learn to assimilate to in order to fit in. They have no choice but to acclimate to a new identity. Their name might be changed or Americanized, the foods, the language etc will all be foreign to them and they will stand out apart from their adoptive parents racially. They will most likely feel like an ugly duckling whether they vocalize or admit it out loud.

Mia Farrow looks so posh here, a regal Queen among her rescued orphan children.

Children always want to emulate their parents and older siblings, it’s how they learn to survive. They will lose their innate identity, and their ethnic heritage through these adoptions. It’s much more dramatic than immigrating with their natural parents because they now have a “white savior” role model. It’s not the same experience to have a white parent teach a non-white child about their lost country of origin, it would lack authenticity no matter how the parent set their intentions to do otherwise. Authenticity can’t be faked. I think there should be more of an effort to place children of color from war torn countries with adoptive parents of at least their same race. Yes I’m being controversial (as usual) but at least I’m consistent.

Genocide is the intentional destruction of a people — usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group — in whole or in part. Raphael Lemkin coined the term in 1944,[1][2] combining the Greek word γένος (genos, “race, people”) with the Latin suffix -caedo (“act of killing”).”


“History and culture are established by the conquerors”

Seoul Sister 🌸

What is genocide? Genocide is not only about physical death, I think genocide includes spiritual /cultural death and loss of identity. Why did so many Native Americans lose their cultural pride and turn into alcoholics? They felt stripped of their heritage and identity. There was a time when tribal children were basically kidnapped by the state and put into indoctrination “boarding schools” where they were forced to speak English, not their native language. They were taught to be ashamed of their customs and sometimes they were physically abused. I see a similarity in the adoption of “poor orphans from the third world” that are “rescued” by their white saviors. Virtue signaling has a sinister edge underneath the outward display of kindness.

Madonna’s children are in the top right image, that’s her daughter, Lourdes in the red dress and son (can’t remember his name), with their adopted siblings

But that’s just my opinion. Words aren’t violence, I hope I don’t get hit with a bike lock by an Ethics professor, it’s been known to happen out here in California. Seriously I’ve gotta watch my back! When was the last time you saw a wealthy celebrity POC adopt a white child? Why not? Can you imagine Oprah adopting a white baby? Actually she’s too selfish, sorry I’m so candid with my insults.

I think celebrities are a whole different breed of human, their lives are constantly on display. I think they never stop acting, their whole lives are a show. Angelina’s daughter with her ex-love Brad Pitt named Shilo is gender fluid. Back in the day, she would’ve just been considered a tomboy. I was a tomboy (kind of still am) :), I liked to play with my older brother’s matchbox cars and I hated wearing dresses. I was only forced to wear them to church; but I was always feminine, what does gender have to do with my comfort and play preferences? Why do we have to label every single aspect and make fit it into a concocted formula? Ridiculous.

What I find most irritating (crazy making), is that the transgender movement reinforces gender stereotypes; they’re very sexist and see in terms of black or white. Their logic is skewed, if a toddler boy likes pink or plays with a doll that makes them transgender? Why? It goes against traditional (original) feminist ideology. The few feminists that speak out on this issue are viciously attacked and labelled TERFS.

I think Charlize Theron is a psychological mess:

She says she was traumatized by apartheid, is that why she adopted 2 black boys then transitioned them into girls? What a coincidence that both orphans were transgender.

Ditto for Will Smith and his entire clan. He has a strange lack of boundaries with his son, why did he repeatedly force kisses on him (especially on the lips)? I’m not saying it made Jaden gay but I think it affected him. People might say that he was just being playful but he seemed to enjoy publicly embarrassing him. Was it a de-masculinization/humiliation ritual? You can see how uncomfortable Jaden is, Will Smith is clueless. What’s wrong with him?

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

This is a doom and gloom video (it’s kind of unintentionally funny, or do I just have jaded humor)? pardon the pun! I’m so bad! 😇 the video is a compilation of scenes of Will Smith forcing physical affection on his son. Could he get away with doing this to his daughter, Willow? I doubt it. Notice how Will is fully supported by the interviewers and fellow celebrities (even encouraged) to make out with his son?! Poor Jaden. It makes sense that he was emancipated at age 15 from his parents.

Thanks for reading/viewing this epic rant of a post.


  1. You did a great job of laying out the sickness being forced on children. It’s one thing for an adult to decide on transitioning to another gender and quite another to force young children who rarely conceptualize sexuality and gender unless they are victims of sexual abuse. And that is exactly what these parents are doing. They are forcing sexualization on a child and convincing them to act outside of their nature until they are convinced to undergo a way of life that will never materialize anything but mental illness, depression, and behavioral problems born out in a continuous string of inappropriate choices. Social engineering is the primary mission of the American Armed Forces. The military has become a woke experiment in social manipulation of young minds. We need to send out an SOS. The USS Uncle Sam is taking on water and listing heavily to the port side.

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    1. Thanks Dan. It’s like we’re being socially experimented on, it’s gotten extreme. What happened to the USA, land of the free, home of the brave? I think it’s intentional, social engineering for sure. I like DeSantis because he’s the only one that’s acknowledging that there’s a problem.

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      1. I agree, it is intentional. There are a few governors that are fighting back. DeSantis is certainly doing his part to pushback on the far left wing agenda. While there are still sane people, we have a chance.

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      2. I hope that more stand up, risk being cancelled and attacked. I think that’s why they’re silent they’re trying to gauge the environment. I worked in a liberal environment (Library) where I resisted the changes from she/her added to our name tags and in email signatures (I declined to add that while everyone else did). It starts with little changes then progresses. They’re planning to have Drag Queen Storytime (imitating San Francisco public library—I used to work there too). The point of exposing babies and toddlers to Drag Queens is to normalize it. If I had said that I would’ve been attacked maybe even fired so I kept quiet but they fired me for not complying to their mandate anyway. Good riddance.

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      3. That is an example of the deep hypocrisy of the liberal progressive movement. It just doesn’t seem right to use the word liberal and progressive to describe an intolerant hypocritical movement based solely on word smithing and social engineering. I actually don’t mind gentle and kind people. They need no tags or righteous indignation toward opposite ideologies to be a decent human being. Somehow that was lost in the liberal transhumanist society.

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      4. I was just talking to some friends in a Germany with the same goals. I suggested a South Pacific island off the coast of Peru a 1000 miles or so. That would be sure nuff living off the grid. ☺️

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      5. You are at the top of the list. 😊🏝⛵️. I actually have been looking and found some amazing stories of people that bought their own island and made a homestead. One family made a bed and breakfast with all the island hut amenities. You fly to the main island and they pick you up in their boat and take you to the little island. I bet all the islands are taken in South Korea but not over run. ☺️

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  2. Such an epic post! Hollywood is beyond horrible and just the few you mention are so demonic. When I think of the how many more Hollywood people are undoubtedly doing the same to their children, it makes me sad. Also, I can’t help but think how this all conveniently serves the eugenics program, since homosexuality obviously lowers birth rates. Great job!

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  3. I’m somewhat convinced most of what I read on social media…and what makes “the news’… is written by fiction writers much better than I. It is way too unbelievable

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    1. I agree, it’s gone beyond Clown World it has to be fiction right? “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” ~Mark Twain

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    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for reading what you did, for commenting and for your honesty :). It was a long post! I think Disney probably regrets their position, they’re going lose many guests, at least the ones that know what’s up. Most don’t follow politics though.

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  4. Wow and/or Whew! You’ve hit the nail on the head and kudos to you for your courageous reporting on this sick, sick culture. For the record, I refuse to talk Woke or to participate in their “virtual world” of craziness. I’ve also back peddled on “political correctness,” which in truth was only the beginning of this shaming indoctrination to not speak the truth, to not say what is real. You know what I say to them —- interesting they got rid of the annual circus… I make no apologies. I am sick of the nonsense that, as you indicate, is being forced upon us by a sick minority. Refuse to participate. Refuse to join their insanity… And on a last note, is WP cancelling? If they are, I’m out.

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    1. Thanks WG, I’m not sure if WP hides my posts but my audience has significantly dwindled. I can barely get 15-20 likes now, when I wrote PC posts I had 50-70 likes. Oh well. I think my audience gets triggered or doesn’t like my anti-woke perspective but I’ll keep writing for the handful that still like my posts.


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