Reptiles 🐍: Poems: Apocalypse Green (haiku in 3 variations) + Queen in Minted Green

Here’s two related/unrelated topics wrapped up in one post. I’m not trying to be provocative without cause, strange things are going on in Clown World.

Part One I used to love symbolism (now I find it creepy), I’m sensitive to it when I see it in marketing, films, books—this is what I’m seeing in the new iPhone 13 ad:

I spy: a Venus (aka Satan) fly trap, praying mantis, graphene, creepy crocodile. Why all the nefarious imagery? They could’ve used pretty green plants, trees, lucky shamrocks but they chose all this wickedness? There’s a striking snake image that I couldn’t capture it flashes too fast but it’s there.
Apocalypse green.
Iphone unlucky thirteen
Strange marketing team

Life is but a dream
This one seems like a nightmare
New normal evil.

New World Order scheme
Label me crazy who cares?
I’m good at puzzles.

Green is known as the color of: envy, greed, jealousy, money and the garden of Eden serpent 🤔. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore?:

13 is an occultic number, also thought of as unlucky. Looks like scales and shards of graphene nano to me.

I put a band-aid on my iPhone and iPad camera lens after seeing this 😳 but who knows what effect the strobe light flashing does to us?

Part Two I think there’s a reason why the elites are portrayed as reptiles. Do I believe this is literal not metaphorical? 🤔 In Clown World perhaps anything’s possible.

“So I do have a stake in the country.”

Prince Charles, (descendant of Vlad, the impaler) is so very drole.

Life just keeps getting stranger!:

I couldn’t resist posting this, children are smarter than we give them credit for, “Bye!” he said:

God please
(don’t) save the Queen
she’s super creepy in minted green
Why do we still have royalty?
Why bow to this old fiend?
Who hordes bouillons of gold
untold wealth unseen
mined from the pain of
generations of stolen wealth?
I bet she was weaned
on the blood of innocents
like cruel Lady Bathory the witch.
Were they related too?
I was joking in the poem but they are related!

Generation X is the best :), “Reptile” with lyrics by The Church:


      1. I’m trying to write fiction and trust me,. try as I might, it is nearly impossible to avoid biblical symbolism. Why? Because it’s everywhere, people understand it and it’s actually part of our cultural psyche. So studying the Bible is the ONLY way to communicate…and ridicule it if you chose.

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  1. OMG! The only thing that could be worse than the iPhone connection to evil and The Blood Countess who surely had read all of Marquis de Sade’s works and dreamed of owning a mint green iPhone 13 would be Disney peaking out from behind the shower curtain. The little boy getting creeped out by the Queen was funny. The only thing better would be the kid watching Tik Tok fart videos when the Queen walks up. Next thing you know there are new residents in the Tower of London. I think everything is connected and you gave a glimpse at it. Infrared is not good for the eyes and skin with the kind of years long exposure you would get if you were glued to your phone day after day. Who could really say where that cancer on the nose and cataracts came from. I have a theory that men who carry an IPhone in their pocket always end up transgendered due to significant negative impacts on the genitals from microwave bursts coming from the phone pinging and latent data transfers. It’s like shooting yourself in the privates with a Buzz Lightyear ray gun. Who can really say why testicular cancer is on the rise and the largest health issue for men ages 24 to 80 is erectile dysfunction. All of the patients surveyed carried their phone in a front or rear pocket. Soooo, maybe there is more to this phone thing than we realize. 📲😳

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    1. Great points, I think you’re right. I think also there’s a lot of hormones and drugs in the water from people dumping unused drugs into the water system. It never gets filtered out. I was very late in getting a regular cellphone but was soon as I did I felt it immediately. I’m sensitive :), I felt dizzy, it took awhile to get used to it. Also when I put my iphone in my pocket it felt like my skin was getting burned, the skin was kind of red too. But we’re all addicted to them. My eyesight is awful now too. 🥸

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      1. Oh yes, I shouldn’t forget our water sources are contaminated with pharmaceuticals among other things. You definitely had symptoms from low band microwave exposure. Other than being uncomfortable, acute exposures aren’t dangerous because your body heals the damage through normal cell replacement. But, if it becomes chronic exposure, problems can definitely show up. It’s basically the same effect as sunburn. At some point the damage is too much and the skin shows permanent effects. You won’t get any phone manufacturers to admit it. I think the right thing to do is warn people and provide information on how to prevent harmful effects. That way, we have a choice on our acceptable risk level. I keep my cell phone at arms length all the time. I do put it in my pocket to walk to my car but put it in a holder as soon as I get in. Take care of those eyes, we don’t have good replacements out yet.

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      2. Good advice, I’m guilty of having my phone in close proximity too much. They should automatically provide shields but they don’t care about our health. I’m finally getting glasses iPhones stores should be next to an optometrist 🤓!

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      3. LOL! It would be a great convenience to have the optometrist next to the Apple store. And Apple could be more forth coming on safe handling.

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    2. …and like I said, you just can’t make this shit up. That was really, really good Hype. OMG! BTW, testicular cancer and erectile dysfunction is on the rise because, from my one year hiatus studying youthful posts on Reditt, NO ONE is getting laid amidst all this sexual confusion…

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      1. It’s beyond my understanding, how you can now chose your gender by your mood, as if it was a costume. No wonder no one’s getting laid. Dating was already nuts before now it’s a circus. There’s a clown/clown-self pronoun, I guess they’re at least becoming self-aware.

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      2. I think the anecdotal evidence should never be ignored. Perhaps we’ll get a hand on this problem soon or we may see catastrophic night emissions in unexpected places like sidewalks, restaurants, and Starbucks.

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  2. I’ve always wondered why people worship the monarchies and governments that steal everything from them. It’s all part of loving your jailers I guess. Great poems and post! Also, thanks for the song at the end. I hadn’t heard that one in years, awesome tune.

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    1. Thanks! It’s so odd how people are protective and so proud of the monarchy, those hoarders of power never earned their wealth. Stockholm Syndrome again I guess. I hadn’t heard it for awhile too, it still sounds great. 80s music was so cool.

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  3. Those are creepy creatures to represent the color green for the Iphone, like they are trying to appeal some primal part of the human psyche. If you have a computer or laptop with a built in webcam I would cover that too. Prince Charles is a clown prince 🤡, I don’t know how Diana fell for him and I guess the posh life of royalness has kept the Queen alive for so long. That little boy looked so terrified like he sees a demon or monster. He might be traumatized for life.

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    1. Yes the primal predatory side, not cute or candy colored happy anymore. So sad that we have to cover the camera lens! Big Brother watching us or sending signals. Clown Prince haha, I bet he’s wondering if he’ll ever be The Clown King his mom still seems like she’ll be around another 10 years, I liked his honest reaction! She seemed displeased :).

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