Synchronicity Mystery: George Carlin’s Clown World + Poem: Will We Ever Know? (haiku in 2 variations)

“It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

George Carlin
🥲I like how he championed working-class, down-to-earth people. I think comedians have a lot of unexpressed sorrow.

Soft language:

Fascism and Germs:

Why do you suppose?
George Carlin looks like Darwin
Anybody know?

Genetics? Cloning?
How long’s this been going on?
Will we ever know?
The resemblance is remarkable, 🤔 it proves nothing but I think both Carlin and Darwin were Freemasons, notice their gang signs of allegiance.

Parallels, they both promoted the atheist agenda and I think they were Masons (aren’t all the rich and famous)?:

Darwin’s deathbed, did he convert? Probably not but I’d like to think he did.

Carlin was raised Catholic and it must’ve turned him off big time, he ridiculed religion with expertise. Some allege that he converted at the end of his life saying, “I’m Sorry” but it’s strongly disputed. I hope he did 🙏.

I think George Carlin and Stanley Kubrick were elite saboteurs, both revealed hidden truths about the club they belonged to. Moon landing hoax:

🤔What more can I add to this? This silence sign and one-eye of Horus that Darwin is posturing is Masonic. “The truth is strange, stranger than fiction” ~Oscar Wilde

Kelly Carlin’s memories of her father, I watched half of this interview, it’s interesting but I ran out of interest :). Anyways there’s a funny clip at the beginning so I included this video:

This classic came to mind to end this post, interesting trivia about this song, Tears of a Clown was written by Stevie Wonder:


  1. I don’t know how Carlin was at the very beginning of his career but I know he was always joking about the establishment, the US government and human intelligence. That comedy skit about the moon landing was hilarious and subliminal. His resemblance to Darwin is crazy. I remember some of your other posts about that topic. 😊

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    1. His anti-establishment jokes are right on time. I liked how we was making fun of PBS/Barney too dumbing down children shows. It’s funny how they’re names almost rhyme too. Too many mysteries in clown world to write about! 🥸


  2. Ole George was tearing it up when I was a kid. I noticed he was very establishment oriented and then the Beatles grew long hair, moved to India, and all their songs had an LSD connection. That’s when Carlin changed. He drank the koolaid and hit the Hookah. He was telling it like it was and we were laughing. “Clown World. Beware of Clowns.” That’s darn good advice.

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    1. I didn’t know about Carlin until he was in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure :), I found his comedy only a few years ago. I like his anti PC jokes but he made fun of Christianity 😦 too. I like that he’s candid without being rude.

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      1. George Carlin was not an ignorant man and you notice he delivers his dialog in a stream of consciousness. He hasn’t memorized a script, he is giving people his philosophy in a way people accept, through humor, but in his later years he was viewed as a fringe comic and his popularity declined dramatically except in those circles that fully identified with his point of view. His point of view is now mainstream in the liberal progressive crowd and we now see he was a prophet to his believers more than a comic.

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